State of Shahpura
शाहपुरा रियासत
Princely State
Flag of Shahpura

Shahpura State in the Imperial Gazetteer of India
• 1931
1,048 km2 (405 sq mi)
• 1931
• Established
Succeeded by
Today part ofRajasthan, India
Maharaja Sri Umaid Singh II (1876–1955).

The State of Shahpura or Princely State of Shahpura[1] was a princely state in Shahpura, Bhilwara during the era of British India. Its relations with the British were managed by the Rajputana Agency. The last ruler of Shahpura signed the accession to join the Indian Union in 1949.

The Haraoti-Tonk Agency, with headquarters at Deoli, dealt with the states of Tonk and Bundi, as well as with the estate of Shahpura.[2][3]


In 1629 the Phulia estate jagir was given to a Sisodia prince called Sujan Singh by The Maharana of Mewar.

Its rulers bore the title of "Raja" but were later bestowed with the title of "Raja Dhiraj" by the Maharana of Mewar. In 1908 the average revenue of the state was Rs.3,00,000. The Raja Dhiraj of Shahpura was entitled to a 9 gun salute.[4]

Raja Dhiraj's

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