Shan Tao
Shan Tao (left) with Wang Rong, in a relief dating from the 4th century
Personal details
Wuzhi County, Henan
Died3 March, 283 (aged 78)
  • Shan Gai
  • Shan Chun
  • Shan Yun
  • Shan Mo
  • Shan Jian
Courtesy nameJuyuan (巨源)

Shan Tao (Chinese: 山濤; pinyin: Shan Tao; 205 – 3 March, 283), courtesy name Juyuan, was one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, a group of Chinese Taoist scholars, writers and musicians who lived in the 3rd century. Shan also was an official of Cao Wei and Western Jin.