Native toSouthern China
Language codes
ISO 639-3
ISO 639-6stns
Shatian dialect
Traditional Chinese沙田話
Simplified Chinese沙田话

Satinese (Saatinwaa in Satinese) (Shatianhua in Putonghua) is a dialect of Yue Chinese.[1] It is spoken by roughly half of the population of Chungsan (Zhongshan), Guangdong, in Namtau, Wongpo, Fausa, Manchung, Gonghau, Tungsing, Tungfung, Siulaam, Wanglan, Salong, Panfu, Sanwan and Tanchau.

It differs from Standard Cantonese. Some subdialects among the Satin dialect are similar to Suntak dialect. Satin Regions in Chungsan are populated with Tanka people and the language is one of the major branches of Tanka dialect.


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