Sher Mountain Killings Mystery
Directed byVince Martin
Written byDenis Whitburn
Produced byPhillip Avalon
StarringPhillip Avalon
CinematographyRay Henman
Edited byTed Otton
Music byArt Phillips
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)
Running time
84 minutes
BudgetA$1.5 million[1] or $500,000[2]

Sher Mountain Killings Mystery (also known as The Cursed Mountain Mystery) is a 1990 Australian mystery thriller film directed by Vince Martin and starring Phillip Avalon and Abigail.[3]


A gang of thieves steal a special stone with magical powers from an extremely old man and "The Protector" is tasked to catch the criminals and return the gem.



In the late 1980s Avalon was running Avalon Film Studios and wanted to get back into production. He was keen "to do something really different. I thought maybe I'd develop a mystery set in the early part of the 20th century. I remembered how, in my youth, in those children stories there was magic stones that had a 'life force'. So I added that thought and spiced it with further mystery like how it was guarded by an ancient ranger on a secluded mountain."[4]

Avalon decided to fund the film personally via a loan and hired Vince Martin, who had helped on the filming of Breaking Loose to direct.[5]


Avalon managed to sell the film for $500,000.[6]


Art Phillips was nominated for Best Original Music Score at the AFI Awards, but lost against Chris Gough and Phil Judd for The Big Steal.


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