Shiba Park
LocationMinato, Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates35°39′23″N 139°44′54″E / 35.65639°N 139.74833°E / 35.65639; 139.74833Coordinates: 35°39′23″N 139°44′54″E / 35.65639°N 139.74833°E / 35.65639; 139.74833
Area122,501.09 square metres (30.27068 acres)
CreatedOctober 19, 1873

Shiba Park (芝公園, Shiba kōen) is a public park in Minato, Tokyo, Japan built around the temple of Zōjō-ji.

The park is located between the Minato municipal offices and Tokyo Tower. Many of the footpaths in the park offer excellent views of Tokyo Tower, so the park is a popular spot for dates and appears in many television and film sequences. The Central Labor Relations Commission is located here.

Shiba Tōshō-gū shrine, an example of Tōshō-gū architecture, is also located in the park. A giant ginkgo tree, designated Natural Monument and believed to have been planted there by Iemitsu Tokugawa, can be found in the grounds of the shrine.[1]

Thomas Glover had his Tokyo residence here.[citation needed]

Some of the parkland was once the Ōkubo clan residence in Edo.[2]

Shiba Palace Garden (Shiba Onshi-koen), the grounds of the former Shiba Detached Palace, has become the property of the Municipality and is open to the public.[3] The Arisugawa gardens were purchased by the Imperial Household Agency in 1875. The land has since been donated for public use and enjoyment.[2]

A tree that United States President Ulysses S. Grant planted at the park is still growing there today.[citation needed]


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