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Shin Nihonkai Ferry Co., Ltd.
Native name
IndustryMarine transportation

Shin Nihonkai Ferry Co., Ltd. (新日本海フェリー株式会社, Shin Nihonkai Ferry Kabushiki-gaisha) is a marine transportation company based in Japan.

Ships and Routes

(Akashia and Hamanasu)

(Suisen and Suzuran)

(Lilac and Yuukari)

(Azalea and Lavender)


Shin Nihonkai Ferry operates from six terminals.[1]

Maizuru ferry terminal
Located in Maizuru, Kyoto (35°28′53″N 135°23′31″E / 35.4815°N 135.3919°E / 35.4815; 135.3919 (Shin Nihonkai Ferry Maizuru Terminal))
Tsuruga ferry terminal
Located in Tsuruga, Fukui (35°40′43″N 136°04′21″E / 35.6786°N 136.0725°E / 35.6786; 136.0725 (Shin Nihonkai Ferry Tsuruga Terminal))
Niigata ferry terminal
Located in Niigata, Niigata (37°56′17″N 139°04′13″E / 37.9381°N 139.0702°E / 37.9381; 139.0702 (Shin Nihonkai Ferry Niigata Terminal))
Akita ferry terminal
Located in Akita, Akita (39°45′18″N 140°03′31″E / 39.7551°N 140.0586°E / 39.7551; 140.0586 (Shin Nihonkai Ferry Akita Terminal))
Tomakomai ferry terminal
Located in Tomakomai, Hokkaido (42°36′33″N 141°49′09″E / 42.6092°N 141.8193°E / 42.6092; 141.8193 (Shin Nihonkai Ferry Tomakomai Terminal))
Otaru ferry terminal
Located in Otaru, Hokkaido (43°11′27″N 141°01′08″E / 43.1908°N 141.0188°E / 43.1908; 141.0188 (Shin Nihonkai Ferry Otaru Terminal))


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