The Shinchiku Prefecture government building was constructed in 1915 and now serves as the Hsinchu City Government building.
The Shinchiku Prefecture government building was constructed in 1915 and now serves as the Hsinchu City Government building.
Shinchiku Prefecture
Shinchiku Prefecture

Shinchiku Prefecture (新竹州, Shinchiku-shū) was one of the administrative divisions of Taiwan during the Japanese era. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Taoyuan City, and Miaoli County.


1941 (Showa 16) census

Administrative divisions

Cities and districts

In 1945 (Showa 20), there were 1 cities and 8 districts under Shinchiku Prefecture.

Cities (市 shi) Districts (郡 gun)
Name Kanji Kana Name Kanji Kana
Shinchiku City 新竹市 しんちくし Shinchiku District 新竹郡 しんちくぐん
Chūreki District 中壢郡 ちゅうれきぐん
Tōen District 桃園郡 とうえんぐん
Daikei District 大渓郡 たいけいぐん
Chikutō District 竹東郡 ちくとうぐん
Chikunan District 竹南郡 ちくなんぐん
Byōritsu District 苗栗郡 びょうりつぐん
Taiko District 大湖郡 たいこぐん

Towns and villages

The districts are divided into towns (街) and villages (庄)

District Name Kanji Notes
Shimpu town 新埔街 Today Xinpu Township
Kansai town 関西街 Today Guanxi Township
Chikuhoku village 竹北庄 Today Zhubei City
Kōmō village 紅毛庄 Today Xinfeng Township
Koguchi village 湖口庄 Today Hukou Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today part of Guanxi Township
Shinchiku town 新竹街 Upgraded to a city in 1930. Today Hsinchu
Kyūminato village 旧港庄 Abolished in 1941, became Chikuhoku village
Rokka village 六家庄 Abolished in 1941, became Chikuhoku village
Kōzan village 香山庄 Abolished in 1941, annexed into Shinchiku City. Today Xiangshan District
Chūreki town 中壢街 Today Zhongli District
Yōbai town 楊梅街 Today Yangmei District
Heichin village 平鎮庄 Today Pingzhen District
Shin'oku village 新屋庄 Today Xinwu District
Kan'on village 観音庄 Today Guanyin District
Tōen town 桃園街 Today Taoyuan District
Rochiku village 蘆竹庄 Today Luzhu District
Ōsono village 大園庄 Today Dayuan District
Kameyama village 亀山庄 Today Guishan District
Hachikai village 八塊庄 Today Bade District
Daikei town 大渓街 Today Daxi District
Ryūtan village 龍潭庄 Today Longtan District
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Fuxing District
Chikutō town 竹東街 Today Zhudong Township
Kyūrin village 芎林庄 Today Qionglin Township
Yokoyama village 横山庄 Today Hengshan Township
Hoppo village 北埔庄 Today Beipu Township
Gabi village 峨嵋庄 Today Emei Township
Bōzan village 宝山庄 Today Baoshan Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Jianshi Township and Wufeng Township
Chikunan town 竹南街 Today Zhunan Township
Tōfun town 頭份街 Today Toufen Township
Sanwan village 三湾庄 Today Sanwan Township
Nan village 南庄 Today Nanzhuang Township
Zōkyō village 造橋庄 Today Zaoqiao Township
Kōryū village 後龍庄 Today Houlong Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today part of Nanzhuang Township
Byōritsu town 苗栗街 Today Miaoli City
Enri town 苑裡街 Today Yuanli Township
Tō'oku village 頭屋庄 Today Touwu Township
Kōkan village 公館庄 Today Gongguan Township
Dora village 銅鑼庄 Today Tongluo Township
Sansa village 三叉庄 Today Sanyi Township
Tsūshō village 通霄庄 Today Tongxiao Township
Shiko village 四湖庄 Today Sihu Township
Taigo village 大湖庄 Today Dahu Township
Shitan village 獅潭庄 Today Shitan Township
Takuran village 卓蘭庄 Today Zhuolan Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Tai'an Township

Shintō shrines

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National Parks

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Famous people

List of notable people born in Shinchiku Prefecture during Japanese rule:

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