E653-1100 H202 20150302.jpg
A E653-1100 series EMU for use on Shirayuki limited express services from March 2015
Service typeExpress
First service20 April 1963 (Express)
14 March 2015 (Limited express)
Current operator(s)JR East, Echigo Tokimeki Railway
Former operator(s)JNR
Jōetsumyōkō / Arai
Service frequency5 return workings daily
Line(s) usedShinetsu Main Line, Echigo Tokimeki Railway Myōkō Haneuma Line
On-board services
Rolling stockE653-1100 series
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)

The Shirayuki (しらゆき) is a limited express service operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) between Niigata and Jōetsumyōkō in Japan since 14 March 2015.[1] The name Shirayuki was also previously used for an express service operated by Japanese National Railways (JNR) from 1963 until 1982.

Service outline

The Shirayuki services operate between Niigata and Jōetsumyōkō via the Shinetsu Main Line and Echigo Tokimeki Railway Myōkō Haneuma Line, with some services extended to Arai. A total of five return workings operate daily.[1]

Rolling stock

Services use a fleet of four four-car E653-1100 series EMUs converted from former Joban Line E653 series trainsets.[2]


Trains are normally formed as four-car monoclass trainsets as shown below, with car 4 at the Niigata (northern) end. All cars are no-smoking.[3]

Car No. 1 2 3 4
Accommodation Reserved Reserved Non-reserved Non-reserved


A JNR KiHa 58 series DMU
A JNR KiHa 58 series DMU

The original Shirayuki train service was an express service which operated between Kanazawa and Aomori from 20 April 1963 until 15 November 1982 using KiHa 58 series diesel multiple unit (DMU) trains.[4]

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