Shopping trolleys
A trolley attached to a bicycle

A shopping caddy or shopping trolley is a large bag on wheels,[1][2][3][4] used for carrying a large amount of shopping home on foot.[5] The bag is typically made from a waterproof fabric, and wicker basket designs are also sold.[5] The trolleys commonly have two parallel wheels on a hand truck style frame (with a handle and stand), but some designs have four or six wheels.

In some countries the trolleys are traditionally regarded as being used by pensioner-age women,[5][6] with granny cart being an American slang term for the four-wheeled wire-framed trolleys,[7][8] which are sometimes used without a bag.[9] In the UK they are known as a granny trolley and are available in foldable versions.[10] In 2023, the Farino Carrier with rollerblade wheels was pitched as a unique new product on Dragons' Den.[11]

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