Native nameࡔࡅࡌࡁࡅࡋࡕࡀ (Classical Mandaic)
CalendarMandaean calendar
Month number8
Number of days30
Seasongiṭa (summer)
Gregorian equivalentFebruary / March
← Aria
Qaina →

Shumbulta or Šumbulta (Classical Mandaic: ࡔࡅࡌࡁࡅࡋࡕࡀ) is the eighth month of the Mandaean calendar.[1] Light fasting is practiced by Mandaeans from the 26th to 30th days of Shumbulta. The Parwanaya, or five intercalary days, take place immediately after Shumbulta.[2]

Šumbulta, which literally means 'grain-ear',[3]: 210  is the Mandaic name for the constellation Virgo.[1] It currently corresponds to Feb / Mar in the Gregorian calendar due to a lack of a leap year in the Mandaean calendar.


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