Silvester de Everdon
Bishop of Carlisle
ElectedNovember 1246
Term endedSpring 1254
PredecessorWalter Mauclerk
SuccessorThomas Vipont
Other post(s)Archdeacon of Chester
Consecration13 October 1247
Personal details
DiedSpring 1254
Lord Chancellor
In office
MonarchHenry III of England
Preceded byRalph Neville
Succeeded byJohn Maunsell

Silvester de Everdon (died 1254) was a medieval Bishop of Carlisle and Lord Chancellor of England.


Everdon came from the village of Everdon, near Daventry in Northamptonshire, but other than the fact that he was related to a locally prominent family of Thorp, nothing else is known of his ancestry.[1] He was a priest in Northamptonshire from 1219. In 1229 he entered the service of Ralph Neville, who was Bishop of Chichester and Lord Chancellor, as a chancery clerk and continued on in the chancery until his election to Carlisle.[1][2] In 1244 Everdon became Lord Chancellor (holding the post until 1246)[3] and in 1245 he became the Archdeacon of Chester.[4] He was elected to the see of Carlisle about 1 September 1246 but declined the see.[4] He probably declined the see because of concerns over being rewarded for secular work with a clerical office.[1]

King Henry III of England seems to have persuaded Everdon that election was canonical, and he was elected again in November 1246 and accepted.[1] Earlier, Matthew Paris had described Silvester as "the king's faithful clerk, dear and close, obtaining the first place in the chancery, where he served him wisely" and certainly Henry would have had the ability to persuade Silvester to accept the bishopric.[5] He was consecrated on 13 October 1247.[4] During his time as bishop he worked to settle a long-standing dispute over the finances of the see between the bishop and the canons.[1] He also served as a royal justice and attended parliament.[1] He died in the spring of 1254,[6] after being thrown from a horse[2] near Northampton while on his way to the royal court.[1]

Everdon is believed to be buried in the Temple Church in London.[7]


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Political offices Preceded byRalph Neville Lord Chancellor 1244–1246 Succeeded byJohn Maunsell Catholic Church titles Preceded byWalter Mauclerk Bishop of Carlisle 1246–1254 Succeeded byThomas Vipont