Simaria subdivision
Simaria subdivision
Simaria subdivision
Location in Jharkhand, India
Simaria subdivision
Simaria subdivision
Simaria subdivision (India)
Coordinates: 25°03′N 87°50′E / 25.05°N 87.84°E / 25.05; 87.84Coordinates: 25°03′N 87°50′E / 25.05°N 87.84°E / 25.05; 87.84
Country India
 • Total2,121.63 km2 (819.17 sq mi)
 • Total685,694
 • Density320/km2 (840/sq mi)
 • OfficialHindi, Urdu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)

Simaria subdivision is an administrative subdivision of the Chatra district in the North Chotanagpur division in the state of Jharkhand, India.


The subdivision was created in March 2014.[1]

Administrative set up

Chatra district has two subdivisions – (1) Chatra subdivision with Chatra, Shalighram Ramnarayanpur (Hunterganj), Itkhori, Pratappur, Kunda, Kanhachatti and Mayurhand CD blocks, and (2) Simaria subdivision with Simaria, Tandwa, Lawalong, Gidhour and Pathalgada CD blocks.[2]

The subdivisions of Chatra district have the following distinctions:[2][3]

Subdivision Headquarters
Population %
Population %
Chatra Chatra 2,121.63 685,694 92.71 7.29
Simaria Simaria 1,668.95 357,192 96.37 3.63
Cities, towns and locations in Chatra district in North Chotanagpur Division
M: municipality, CT: census town, R: rural/ urban centre, H: historical/ religious centre, P: power plant, T: tourist centre
Abbreviation used - TPS: thermal power station
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According to the 2011 Census of India data, Simaria subdivision, in Chatra district, had a total population of 357,192. There were 182,424 (51%) males and 174,768 (49%) females. Scheduled castes numbered 109,287 (30.60%) and scheduled tribes numbered 35,648 (9.98%). Literacy rate was 53.58% (for the total population).[4]

See also – List of Jharkhand districts ranked by literacy rate

Police stations

Police stations in Simaria subdivision were at:[5]

  1. Simaria
  2. Tandwa
  3. Piparwar
  4. Lawalong
  5. Gidhour
  6. Pathalgada


Community development blocks in Simaria subdivision are:[6][7]

CD Block Headquarters
SC % ST % Literacy
Rate %
Simaria Simaria 512.48 107,871 30.12 8.12 63.40 -
Tandwa Tandwa 455.21 126,319 23.87 16.12 62.74 Bachra
Lawalong Lawalong 393.86 50,553 57.22 5.32 49.02 -
Gidhour Gidhour 174.19 40,919 24.03 1.72 68.08 -
Pathalgada Pathalgada 133.21 31,530 25.14 3.69 67.39 -


North Karanpura Thermal Power Station

NTPC Limited is constructing the 3 X 660 MW North Karanpura Thermal Power Station at Tandwa at an appraised current (2015) estimated cost of 14,366.58 crore.[8] Efforts are on to get the first unit of the North Karanpura Thermal Power Station ready in 2021.[9]

Coal mining

The North Karanpura Coalfield is spread across parts of Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Chatra and Latehar districts of Jharkhand covering an area of 1,230 km2. This coalfield in the upper reaches of the Damodar Valley, has reserves of around 14 billion tonnes of coal, very little of which has been exploited. Karkatta, KD Hesalong, Manki, Churi, Bachara UG, Bachara OC, and Dakara are long established collieries south of the Damodar. North of the Damodar lies comparatively new major mines such as Piparwar Mine and Ashoka Project. 23 mines are planned in the northern sector. Those in an advanced stage of planning are: Dhadu, Purnadih, Magadh, and Amrapali. This happens to be the largest mining sector of Central Coalfields Limited.[10]

Future mega projects in the area include: Magadh opencast project expansion with nominal capacity of 51 million tonnes per year and peak capacity of 70 million tonnes per year, Amrapali OCP expansion with nominal capacity 25 MTY and peak capacity of 35 MTY, Sanghamitra OCP with nominal capacity of 20 MTY and peak capacity of 27 MTY, and Chandragupta OCP with nominal capacity of 15 MTY and peak capacity of 20 MTY.[11][12]


In 2011, in Simaria subdivision out of a total 364 inhabited villages there were 121 villages with pre-primary schools, 279 villages with primary schools, 191 villages with middle schools, 22 villages with secondary schools, 7 villages with senior secondary schools, 38 villages with no educational facility.[13]
.*Senior secondary schools are also known as Inter colleges in Jharkhand

Educational institutions

The following institutions are located in Simaria subdivision:

(Information about degree colleges with proper reference may be added here)


In 2011, in Simaria subdivision there were 15 villages with primary health centres, 39 villages with primary health subcentres, 19 villages with maternity and child welfare centres, 20 villages with allopathic hospitals, 13 villages with dispensaries, 10 villages with veterinary hospitals, 15 villages with family welfare centres, 19 villages with medicine shops.[13]
.*Private medical practitioners, alternative medicine etc. not included

Medical facilities

Piparwar Hospital of Central Coalfields Limited at Bachra with 11 beds has 6 general duty medical officers and 1 specialist. Among the facilities it has are: cardiac monitor, suction machine, X-Ray machine and ECG. It has 4 ambulances.[16]

(Anybody having referenced information about location of government/ private medical faciltites may please add it here)


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