Simon Bucher-Jones (born Simon Jones, 6 September 1964) is an author, poet, and amateur actor. He is best known for his Doctor Who novels for Virgin and BBC and as a contributor to the Faction Paradox spin-off series. Between 1988 and Dec 2018, he worked for the Home Office, in a variety of casework, admin, IT support, and planning positions. From Jan 2019 he was a freelance writer (augmenting this with work as a scare actor (2019, 2021) for the Office of National Statistics (Census officer 2021), and for the Isle of Wight Council (Public Realm Assistant, 2021.)

Jones was born in Liverpool. He is known for a hard SF approach. He has written Cthulhu Mythos short stories and reviewed books for the Fortean Times and for small press papers. His poetry has appeared in the Journal of the British Fantasy Society.

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Professor Howe (A series of Doctor Who parodies published in support of Children in Need)

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The collections for which these stories were written never saw print. The stories are available to read on Simon Bucher-Jones' blog, and he is open to re-print offers.

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