The Simpson Medal is an individual prize awarded for Australian rules football in Western Australia. The medal has been donated by Dr Fred Simpson and family since 1945.

Simpson Medals are currently awarded to the following players:

Simpson Medals have also been awarded under other criteria in interstate football throughout history:

After 1994, the interstate Simpson Medal was strictly awarded for WAFL representative matches and not for State of Origin matches. A separate medal - the Graham Moss Medal - has been awarded to Western Australia's best player in State of Origin matches since that time.

Simpson Medal Winners

WAFL Grand Final

Year Player Team
2021 Greg Clark Subiaco
2020 Jye Bolton Claremont
2019 Ben Sokol Subiaco
2018 Kyal Horsley Subiaco
2017 Luke Ryan Peel Thunder
2016 Connor Blakely Peel Thunder
2015 Matt Boland Subiaco
2014 Jason Bristow Subiaco
2013 Mark Hutchings West Perth
2012 Paul Medhurst Claremont
2011 Beau Wilkes Claremont
2010 Andrew Krakouer Swan Districts
2009 Ashton Hams South Fremantle
2008 Chris Hall Subiaco
2007 Brad Smith Subiaco
2006 Marc Webb Subiaco
2005 Toby McGrath South Fremantle
2004 Paul Vines Subiaco
2003 Brent LeCras West Perth
2002 Ryan Turnbull East Perth
2001 Ryan Turnbull East Perth
2000 Dean Cox East Perth
1999 Christian Kelly West Perth
1998 Adrian Bromage East Fremantle
1997 David Hynes South Fremantle
1996 Todd Ridley Claremont
1995 Darren Harris West Perth
1994 Mark Amaranti East Fremantle
1993 Dale Kickett Claremont
1992 Clinton Browning East Fremantle
1991 Dale Kickett Claremont
1990 Greg Walker Swan Districts
1989 Ben Allan Claremont
1988 Mick Lee Subiaco
1987 Peter Thorne Claremont
1986 Mark Zanotti Subiaco
1985 Brian Taylor Subiaco
1984 Barry Kimberley Swan Districts
1983 Brad Shine Swan Districts
1982 Graham Melrose Swan Districts
1981 Gary Shaw Claremont
Maurice Rioli South Fremantle
1980 Maurice Rioli South Fremantle
1979 Kevin Taylor East Fremantle
1978 Ian Miller East Perth
1977 Wim Rosbender Perth
1976 Mal Day Perth
1975 Mel Whinnen West Perth
1974 Gary Gibellini East Fremantle
David Pretty Perth
1973 Dennis Blair Subiaco
1972 Ken McAullay East Perth
1971 Shane Sheridan West Perth
1970 Brian Ciccotosto South Fremantle
1969 Bill Dempsey West Perth
1968 Barry Cable Perth
1967 Barry Cable Perth
1966 Barry Cable Perth
1965 Dave Imrie East Fremantle
1964 Norm Rogers East Fremantle
1963 Ken Bagley Swan Districts
1962 Ray Sorrell East Fremantle
1961 Keith Slater Swan Districts
1960 Brian Foley West Perth
1959 Graham Farmer East Perth
1958 Ned Bull East Perth
1957 Frank Conway East Fremantle
1956 Tony Parentich South Fremantle
1955 Merv McIntosh Perth
1954 Charlie Tyson South Fremantle
1953 Steve Marsh South Fremantle
1952 Des Kelly South Fremantle
1951 Don Porter West Perth
1950 Clive Lewington South Fremantle
1949 Jack Larcombe West Perth
1948 Dave Ingraham South Fremantle
1947 Eric Eriksson South Fremantle
1946 John Loughridge West Perth
1945 Alan Ebbs East Fremantle

Italics - denotes winner from losing team of that Grand Final.

Interstate/State of Origin

Year Player Team Match
2022 Leigh Kitchin WA WA vs SA
2021 Jye Bolton WA WA vs SA
2019 Josh Deluca WA WA vs SA
2018 Jye Bolton WA WA vs SA
2017 Ben Saunders WA WA vs Vic
2016 Jye Bolton WA WA vs TAS
2015 Ryan Davis WA WA vs SA
2014 Ashton Hams WA WA vs NEAFL
2013 Wayde Twomey WA WA vs VFL
2012 Paul Johnson WA WA vs SA
2011 Josh Smith WA WA vs Qld
2010 Luke Blackwell WA WA v VIC
2009 Brent LeCras WA WA v SA
2008 Ian Richardson WA WA v QLD
2007 Adam Hay WA WA v VFL
2006 Caine Hayes WA WA v SA
2005 Matthew Priddis WA WA v QLD
2004 Chris Bossong WA WA v VFL
2003 Luke Webster WA WA v SA
2002 Cory Johnson WA WA v QLD
2000 Brad Campbell WA WA v SA
1999 Rod Tregenza WA WA v TAS
1998 Dean Irving WA WA v SA
1997 Jon Dorotich WA WA v TAS
1996 David Snow WA WA v SA
1995 Craig Treleven WA WA v QLD
1994 Paul Symmons WA WA v SA
1993 Marty Atkins WA WA v SA
1991 Brendon Retzlaff WA WA v SA
1991 Paul Harding WA WA v VIC - State of Origin
1990 Ben Allan WA WA v SA
1990 Simon Madden VIC WA v VIC - State of Origin
1989 Jason Dunstall VIC WA v VIC - State of Origin
1988 Gerard Healy VIC WA v VIC - State of Origin
1988 Peter Thorne WA WA v VFA
1988 Ben Allan WA WA v SA
1988 Dwayne Lamb WA Adelaide Carnival - State of Origin
1987 Andrew Bews VIC WA v VIC - State of Origin
1987 Chris McDermott SA WA v SA
1986 Brad Hardie WA WA v VIC - State of Origin
1985 Dale Weightman VIC WA v VIC - State of Origin
1985 Craig Bradley SA WA v SA
1984 Brad Hardie WA WA v VIC - State of Origin
1983 Maurice Rioli WA WA v VIC - State of Origin
1983 Stephen Michael WA WA v SA
1982 Kevin Taylor WA WA v SA
1982 Mark Browning VIC WA v VIC - State of Origin
1981 (tie) Jim Krakouer WA WA v SA
1981 (tie) Gary Buckenara WA WA v SA
1981 Simon Beasley WA WA v VIC - State of Origin
1979 Graham Cornes SA WA v SA
1978 Peter Knights VIC WA v VIC - State of Origin
1977 Barry Cable WA WA v VIC - State of Origin*
1977 Max James SA WA v SA
1977 Graham Moss WA WA v VIC
1976 Glenn Elliott VIC WA v VIC
1975 Stan Magro WA WA v VIC
1974 Ron Alexander WA WA v VIC
1973 Peter Featherby WA WA v SA
1972 Ken McAullay WA Perth Carnival
1971 Peter Knights VIC WA v VIC
1970 Alan Stiles WA WA v SA
1969 Graham Farmer WA Adelaide Carnival
1969 Barry Cable WA Adelaide Carnival
1968 John Nicholls VIC WA v VIC
1967 Bill Walker WA WA v SA
1966 John McIntosh WA Hobart Carnival
1965 Bob Spargo WA WA v VIC
1965 Kevin Murray WA WA v VFA
1964 Bob Shearman SA WA v SA
1964 Derek Chadwick WA WA interstate tour
1963 Brian Sarre WA WA v VIC
1962 Roy Harper WA WA v SA
1962 Ray Sorrell WA WA v TAS
1961 Ray Gabelich WA Brisbane Carnival
1960 Allen Aylett VIC WA v VIC
1959 John Watts WA WA v SA
1958 Graham Farmer WA WA v VIC
1957 Ted Whitten VIC WA v VIC
1956 Fred Goldsmith VIC WA v VIC
1956 Graham Farmer WA WA v SA
1955 Fos Williams SA WA v SA
1954 Keith Harper WA WA v VIC
1953 Merv McIntosh WA Adelaide Carnival
1952 Merv McIntosh WA WA v SA
1951 Fred Buttsworth WA WA v VIC
1950 Gordon Maffina WA Brisbane Carnival
1949 Stan Heal WA WA v SA
1948 Kevin Curran VIC WA v VIC
1947 Frank Jenkins South Fremantle South Fremantle v Essendon
1946 Lou Richards Collingwood East Fremantle v Collingwood

* Cable's 1977 Simpson Medal was retrospectively awarded in

In 2020, due to COVID-19 Restrictions, the State Game was not played