Sinbaungwe Township
Sinbaungwé Township, Tantabin Township
Location in Thayet district
Sinbaungwe Township
Sinbaungwe Township
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 19°33′N 95°23′E / 19.550°N 95.383°E / 19.550; 95.383Coordinates: 19°33′N 95°23′E / 19.550°N 95.383°E / 19.550; 95.383
Country Myanmar
Region Magway
CapitalSinbaungwe (Tantabin)
Time zoneUTC+6.30 (MST)

Sinbaungwe Township or Tantabin Township (Burmese: ဆင်ပေါင်ဝဲမြို့နယ်) is a township of Thayet District in the Magway Region of Burma (Myanmar). It is located to the west of the Pegu Range in the foothills and on the plain of the Irrawaddy. Most of the township is east of the Irrawaddy, but about 20% of the township lies on the right (west) bank. The major town and administrative center is Sinbaungwe (Tantabin).


Sinbaungwe Township was formerly called Myedé Kyan (remnant of Myedé) as it had been part of Myedé Township (now Aunglan Township) before that was divided.[1] In 2008, a local student named Htoo Zaw Naing became the first student in the township's history to garner 5 distinctions on the National Matriculation Examination.[2]


Sinbaungwe Township is bordered[3] by the following townships:


Among the many villages and wards (village census tracts) in Sinbaungwe Township are Baingyagon, Bwetsan, Chaungkauk, Egayit, Ingya, Inyon, Konbo, Kyauk-o, Kyigon, Thazi, Wundet, Yebok and Zaunggyandaung.


Rice growing is the main economic activity in the township.


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