The confluence of Skirden Beck with the Ribble
The confluence of Skirden Beck with the Ribble

Skirden Beck is a minor river in Lancashire, England (historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire). It is approximately 4.3 miles (6.85 km) long and has a catchment area of 18.87 square miles (48.882 km2).[a][1][2]

The Beck is formed at the confluence of New Gill Beck and Grunsagill Beck and flows southward, being joined by Grainings Clough and then Monubent Beck (at Forest Becks near Skirden). After passing through Bolton-by-Bowland village it collects Bier Beck and Kirk Beck, before passing Bolton Mill. The confluence with Holden Beck occurs just before Skirden Beck falls into the River Ribble near Briery Bank Wood.[3]


Holden Beck

Holden Beck rises at Dugdales where Threap Green Brook (falling south from Ling Hill picks up another stream near Greenwoods) and flows southwards to its confluence with Skirden Beck. Through Alder House Wood and Clough Wood, between Mear Gill Top and Holden, this stream takes the name Mear Gill.

Kirk Beck

Like Skirden Beck, Kirk Beck flows through Bolton-by-Bowland. Prior to this, it is known as Fox Gill Beck (Fox Ghyll is just to the north of Bolton-by-Bowland). Fox Gill Beck rises near Monubent.

Bier Beck

Bier Beck rises just above Big Holme.

Monubent Beck

Monubent Beck flows west then north, joining Skirden Beck at Forest Becks. It is swollen by Hen Gill Beck, itself picking up Agden Beck, known above Mere Syke Bridge as Mere Syke.

Grunsagill Beck

Grunsagill Beck and New Gill Beck meet near Brackenhurst.

Grunsagill Beck, before Grunsagill is known as Tosside Beck. Tosside Beck flows south from Bent House, prior to which it is known as Holden Beck or Moor End Beck.

New Gill Beck

New Gill Beck flows from Beckfoot, above which it is known as Bond Beck. Bond Beck rises in Skirden Hall Plantation. It flows south by south east past Ghylls.



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Coordinates: 53°55′31″N 2°20′06″W / 53.9254°N 2.3349°W / 53.9254; -2.3349

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