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Sky Store is a service operated by Sky Group in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland that offers movies and TV shows via video streaming or DVD and Blu-ray Disc by mail. It originally launched in 2012 by Sky UK offering over 1,000 movies pay-per-view to Sky Anytime+ customers,[1] and the "Buy & Keep" model launched in 2014.[2] Sky Store is independent from Sky's satellite TV service, meaning that a Sky TV subscription is not required.[3][4]

The service offers the latest blockbuster movies, TV shows, as well as classic movies[5] for renting (starting from 99p) or buying to keep (from £7.99), digitally in HD quality and optionally a physical version by post.[6][3] The Sky Store service comes preloaded on Sky Q and Sky+HD boxes, and is also available as a downloadable app on PCs, Now TV, Roku, Android, and other devices.[7]

Sky Store was launched in Germany and Austria in 2017,[8] and Switzerland in 2018.[9]


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