Smells Like Children
Tour by Marilyn Manson
Associated albumSmells Like Children
Start dateJune 1, 1995
End dateFebruary 4, 1996
No. of shows105 (planned)
102 (completed)
Marilyn Manson concert chronology

The Smells Like Children Tour was the fourth tour Marilyn Manson embarked on, under the management of major record label Interscope Records. The tour was, however, the band's second headlining tour, following the Portrait of an American Family Tour the previous year. The band was on tour from June 1, 1995 until February 4, 1996.[1]

Stage antics

The background for the shows during the Smells Like Children tour was a ouija board which read "Marilyn Manson" on the center.[2] Another feature to the stage was the addition of a giant tree from which hung ventriloquist dummies from the branches. The stage was usually set up to accommodate small audiences, as most of the shows took place in clubs, rather than arenas.

This was the first Tour in which Manson began using stilts. The band also began their signature bizarre looks during this tour as well, by donning makeup and sexually suggestive clothes (with Manson wearing jock straps to pulling his pants down and with Twiggy beginning his traditional kinderwhore cross dressing gimmick).

As in previous tours, Manson was regularly seen cutting himself on stage during this tour. He got his main chest scarring from this tour as he got into a heated argument with a crowd member and he broke a bottle and ran it across his chest.

The Jon Stewart Show appearance

Further information: The Jon Stewart Show

The band appeared on the June 22, 1995 episode of MTV's late-night talk show The Jon Stewart Show with host Jon Stewart. The episode featured a live performance of the songs "Lunchbox" and "Dope Hat" by the band off of their debut album 1994's Portrait of an American Family. The episode sparked nationwide controversy after frontman Marilyn Manson set a Bible ablaze onstage, which elicited public outcry of blasphemy. The band finished their set by throwing instruments around the stage, and ended with a piggyback ride offstage on Jon Stewart. Stewart later recalled the episode in his memoir Angry Optimist: The Life and Times of Jon Stewart, "The next night, Marilyn Manson was on, and they ended up lighting the stage on fire. I really thought somebody was going to be killed that week."[3][4]



The following list contains the most commonly played songs in the order they were most generally performed:

  1. "Wrapped in Plastic"
  2. "Snake Eyes and Sissies"
  3. "Get Your Gunn"
  4. "Dogma"
  5. "Cyclops"
  6. "Cake and Sodomy"
  7. "Minute Of Decay" (Early version)
  8. "Down in the Park"
  9. "Dope Hat"
  10. "My Monkey"
  11. "Smells Like Children" (Early version of "Kinderfeld")
  12. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" (Early version)
  13. "Tourniquet" (Early version)
  14. "Organ Grinder"
  15. "Lunchbox"
  16. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
  17. "Rock N Roll Nigger"
  18. "Misery Machine"

Tour overview

Tour dates

List of concerts, showing date, city, country, and venue
Date City Country Venue Opening Act(s) Attendance Revenue
June 1, 1995 Baton Rouge United States Papa Joe's Rock 'n' Roll Club n/a N/A N/A
June 2, 1995 New Orleans Tipitinas N/A N/A
September 12, 1995 Tulsa Cain's Ballroom N/A N/A
September 13, 1995 Oklahoma City Will Rogers Center N/A N/A
September 15, 1995 Dallas Deep Ellum Live N/A N/A
September 16, 1995 Houston Numbers N/A N/A
September 17, 1995 Corpus Christi Johnnyland N/A N/A
September 19, 1995 San Antonio Showcase Special Events N/A N/A
September 20, 1995 Austin Backroom N/A N/A
September 22, 1995 Albuquerque El Rey Theatre N/A N/A
September 23, 1995 El Paso El Paso Metropolis N/A N/A
September 24, 1995 Tucson Rock N/A N/A
September 25, 1995 Tempe Club Rio N/A N/A
September 27, 1995 San Diego Soma N/A N/A
September 28, 1995 Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Underground N/A N/A
September 29, 1995 Los Angeles Palace N/A N/A
October 1, 1995 Palo Alto The Edge N/A N/A
October 2, 1995 San Francisco Trocadero Transfer N/A N/A
October 3, 1995 Reno Easy Street N/A N/A
October 5, 1995 Portland La Luna N/A N/A
October 6, 1995 Seattle RCKNDY N/A N/A
October 7, 1995 Vancouver Canada New York Theatre N/A N/A
October 10, 1995 Denver United States Ogden Theatre N/A N/A
October 12, 1995 Wichita Rock Island N/A N/A
October 13, 1995 Springfield Regency Showcase N/A N/A
October 14, 1995 Lawrence Granada N/A N/A
October 15, 1995 Omaha Ranch Bowl N/A N/A
October 17, 1995 Grand Rapids Orbit Room N/A N/A
October 18, 1995 Toledo Asylum N/A N/A
October 20, 1995 Cincinnati Bogarts N/A N/A
October 21, 1995 Lakewood Phantasy Theater N/A N/A
October 22, 1995 Columbus Newport Music Hall N/A N/A
October 23, 1995 Pittsburgh Metropole N/A N/A
October 25, 1995 Buffalo Ogden Street Music Hall N/A N/A
October 26, 1995 Rochester Water Street Music Hall N/A N/A
October 27, 1995 Toronto Canada Toronto Opera House N/A N/A
October 28, 1995 Albany United States Saratoga Winners N/A N/A
October 30, 1995 Providence Club Babyhead N/A N/A
October 31, 1995 Boston Mama Kin's Music Hall N/A N/A
November 1, 1995 N/A N/A
November 3, 1995 New York City Irving Plaza N/A N/A
November 4, 1995 N/A N/A
November 5, 1995 Philadelphia Electric Factory N/A N/A
November 6, 1995 Asbury Park Stone Pony N/A N/A
November 8, 1995 New Haven Toad's Place N/A N/A
November 9, 1995 Washington, D.C. Capitol Ballroom N/A N/A
November 10, 1995 Norfolk Boathouse N/A N/A
November 11, 1995 Raleigh Ritz N/A N/A
November 13, 1995 Nashville 328 Performance Hall N/A N/A
November 14, 1995 Louisville Brewery N/A N/A
November 15, 1995 St. Louis Mississippi Nights N/A N/A
November 16, 1995 Milwaukee T.A. Vern's N/A N/A
November 18, 1995 Sioux Falls Pomp Room N/A N/A
November 19, 1995 Minneapolis First Avenue N/A N/A
November 21, 1995 Columbia Blue Note N/A N/A
November 22, 1995 Chicago Cabaret Metro N/A N/A
November 24, 1995 Detroit Saint Andrew's Hall N/A N/A
November 25, 1995 N/A N/A
November 26, 1995 Toronto Canada Toronto Opera House N/A N/A
November 27, 1995 Wilkes Barre United States Mantis Green N/A N/A
November 29, 1995 Fayetteville Flaming Mug N/A N/A
November 30, 1995 Winston-Salem Ziggy's Tavern N/A N/A
December 1, 1995 Wilmington Mad Monk's N/A N/A
December 2, 1995 Atlanta The Masquerade N/A N/A
December 4, 1995 Charlotte Jeremiah's N/A N/A
December 5, 1995 Columbia Rockafella's N/A N/A
December 6, 1995 Myrtle Beach Headroom N/A N/A
December 8, 1995 Baton Rouge Varsity Theater N/A N/A
December 9, 1995 New Orleans Rendon Inn N/A N/A
December 10, 1995 (Cancelled) Memphis Six-One-Six N/A N/A
December 12, 1995 Fort Myers Pyramids N/A N/A
December 13, 1995 Tampa Masquerade N/A N/A
December 15, 1995 Orlando The Edge N/A N/A
December 16, 1995 Fort Lauderdale The Edge N/A N/A
December 17, 1995 N/A N/A
December 28, 1995 Cleveland Odeon N/A N/A
December 29, 1995 N/A N/A
December 31, 1995 New York City Academy N/A N/A
January 2, 1996 Oldbridge Birch Hill Night Club N/A N/A
January 3, 1996 New London El 'n' Gee N/A N/A
January 5, 1996 Baltimore Hammerjack's N/A N/A
January 6, 1996 Allentown Starz N/A N/A
January 7, 1996 Harrisburg Metron N/A N/A
January 8, 1996 North Hampton Pearl Street Nightclub N/A N/A
January 10, 1996 Cohoes Saratoga Winners N/A N/A
January 11, 1996 Port Chester Capitol Theatre N/A N/A
January 12, 1996 Huntington Roxy Music Hall N/A N/A
January 13, 1996 Rochester Water Street Music Hall N/A N/A
January 15, 1996 Syracuse Lost Horizon N/A N/A
January 16, 1996 State College Crowbar N/A N/A
January 18, 1996 Kalamazoo State Theatre N/A N/A
January 19, 1996 Toledo Toledo Asylum N/A N/A
January 20, 1996 Columbus Newport Music Hall N/A N/A
January 21, 1996 Cincinnati Bogarts N/A N/A
January 23, 1996 Charlottesville Trax N/A N/A
January 25, 1996 Knoxville Electric Ballroom N/A N/A
January 26, 1996 Memphis Six-One-Six N/A N/A
January 27, 1996 (Cancelled) Johnson City Nightmoves N/A N/A
January 28, 1996 (Cancelled) Knoxville Electric Ballroom N/A N/A
January 29, 1996 Carrboro Cat's Cradle N/A N/A
January 30, 1996 Charleston Music Farm N/A N/A
January 31, 1996 Tallahassee Moon N/A N/A
February 2, 1996 Daytona Beach Underground Daytona Beach N/A N/A
February 3, 1996 St. Petersburg Janus Landing N/A N/A
February 4, 1996 Stuart Playground[5] N/A N/A




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