A snow fluke
A snow picket

Snow protection (snow pro) is a type of natural or artificial protection used in mountaineering as an anchor. Two common artificial devices are the snow fluke and snow picket. Snow protection is used both for climbing and for securing tents and other camping gear, designed for use in sand and snow.

A fluke is a bent square or rectangle, approximately 8 by 10 inches (20 by 25 cm), and is made of aluminium or other metal, with a cable attached at two points on the upper surface.[1] A fluke correctly used is buried in the snow, tip pointed down, approximately 40° from the angle of the mountain slope.[2] Flukes can deflect or dislodge in harder-packed or dry snow, and are therefore more reliably used in heavy, moist snow.[3]

A picket is usually made of lightweight aluminum in 18–36-inch-long (46–91 cm) long T-shaped design.[3]

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