Soaps In Depth
Editor-in-ChiefDawn Owens
Staff writers
  • Chris Eades
  • Amy Helmes
  • Julie McElwain
  • Michelle Moro Parkerton
FrequencyBiweekly (print; 1997–2020)
FormatDigest (print; 1997–2020)
FounderRichard Simms
First issueJanuary 1997; 25 years ago (1997-01)
Final issueDecember 1999 (1999-12) (NBC print edition)
May 2020 (2020-05) (ABC and CBS print editions)
CompanyBauer Xcel Media
CountryUnited States
Based inEnglewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Soaps In Depth is an American entertainment magazine, formerly published as a series of biweekly print publications and currently as an online-exclusive publication, that is dedicated to coverage of daytime soap operas. Founded in 1997 by Bauer Publications, it covers current and upcoming soap opera storylines, and features news and feature articles, interviews with performers and principal production staff, and, as a print publication, crossword puzzles.

Differentiating from other soap opera-focused magazines (like Soap Opera Digest) that offered general coverage of all of the daytime serials, Soaps In Depth was initially structured as three standalone biweekly publications—ABC Soaps In Depth, CBS Soaps In Depth and NBC Soaps In Depth—that were devoted to only the soap operas on a particular "Big Three" network covered by the corresponding edition, allowing soap viewers to receive more coverage related to the soaps they followed.

The NBC edition was discontinued in December 1999 after the network cancelled two of its three soap operas within months of each other, Another World and Sunset Beach, making it superfluous to cover only two programs (Days of Our Lives and AW successor Passions respectively); coverage of NBC's serials was integrated into the other publications. The ABC and CBS editions continued to be sold for 21 years afterward, even after both networks pared down the number of soaps occupying their respective daytime schedules between 2009 and 2012, leaving ABC with only one serial (General Hospital) and CBS with two (The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful).

In April 2020, it was announced that Soaps in Depth would cease production of its print magazine but would continue to publish newer content as an online-only publication; the conversion left Soap Opera Digest as the only remaining American soap opera magazine to provide content through both print publication and online distribution.[1]


CBS Soaps In Depth

First published in early 1997, at the time print publication ceased, CBS Soaps In Depth had focused only on the CBS soaps The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. Previously, Guiding Light and As The World Turns were covered as well before their respective cancellations (in 2009 and 2010). Each issue also included a special section for Days of Our Lives, brief news coverage, previews, and recaps for General Hospital and Days Of Our Lives. When the CBS edition debuted, each issue cost $2.99. By the publication's closure, the CBS edition cost $3.99 American and $4.50 Canadian.

ABC Soaps In Depth

First published in February 1997, this magazine focused on the ABC soaps at that time (All My Children, The City, General Hospital, and One Life to Live). One month after the release of the debut issue, ABC cancelled The City; ABC Soaps In Depth later coverage began on its replacement, Port Charles, when the General Hospital spin-off premiered in June with coverage of PC continuing until the series was cancelled in 2003. The ABC edition also includes news coverage, previews, and recaps for the CBS soaps and Days of our Lives. The magazine initially cost $2.99 per issue, with occasional issues sold at a discount to $1.00; beginning in 2003, each issue cost $3.99.

After the cancellations of AMC and OLTL in 2011 and 2012, respectively (leaving GH as the ABC's only remaining daytime soap, a status it maintains to this day), the ABC edition began to also include brief sections for NBC's Days of Our Lives and the CBS soaps.

NBC Soaps In Depth

NBC Soaps In Depth focused its coverage on NBC Daytime's soap line-up, then consisting of Another World, Days of Our Lives, and the fledgling Sunset Beach. Two of the soaps covered by the NBC edition were cancelled within a span of several months during 1999: NBC first cancelled the long-running AW to make room for the in-house production Passions and subsequently canned Sunset Beach due to low ratings (electing to replace it with Later Today, a lifestyle talk show developed as an extension of Today); although the network continued to maintain two serials thereafter (until Passions moved to The 101 Network in 2008 to accommodate a fourth hour of Today, leaving Days as NBC's only remaining serial), the consequence of NBC Daytime's drastic moves led Bauer Publications to determine a separate NBC-focused magazine was no longer feasible.

Coverage of Days of our Lives and, until its cancellation, Passions (consisting of news and feature articles, previews, and recaps for each show) was folded into the ABC and CBS editions; at the time Soaps in Depth ended print distribution, Days received more coverage in the ABC edition, as ABC itself only has one soap opera remaining on its daytime schedule (General Hospital).


Recurring articles

Each issue consists of recurring columns which may touch on any of the respective network soaps:

Rotating articles

Each issue contains a number of alternating columns which may not appear every week:

Show sections

All three soaps in the CBS edition and ABC edition have their own special sections, mostly scoops from cast members, writers, or executive producers. These include:

There are also several special articles for each show. These include:


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