Somaliland Coast Guard
Ciidanka ilaalada Xeebaha Somaliland
خفر سواحل صوماليلاندي
Flag of the Somaliland Coast Guard.svg
Founded2 October 1995 (1995-10-02)
(26 years, 11 months)
Country Somaliland
TypeCoast Guard
RoleMaritime Domain Awareness 24/7

Maritime Law Enforcement

Surveillance and Monitoring

Maritime Port Security

Maritime Customs and Border

Fisheries Control (Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated).

Prevention of Smuggling (Weapons, Drugs, Wildlife, and People).

Search and Rescue

Maritime Environmental Protection

Maritime Security Operations

Security of Critical National Infrastructure
SizeCoast Guard fleet:
Part of Somaliland Armed Forces
HeadquartersHargeisa and Berbera
Anniversaries2 October
CommanderAdmiral Mohamed Hussein Faarah
Deputy CommanderVice Admiral Hassan Ali Awed
Naval Ensign
Flag of the Somaliland Coast Guard.svg
Racing stripe
Somaliland Coast Guard racing stripe.svg

The Somaliland Coast Guard (Somali: Ciidanka ilaalada Xeebaha Somaliland, Arabic: خفر سواحل صوماليلاندي) is the maritime law enforcement, search and rescue and coastal defence branch of Somaliland Armed Forces, founded on 2 October 1995.[1][2][3][4][5]


The Somaliland Coast Guard is part of the Somaliland Armed Forces. Its mission includes the protection of Somaliland territory and sovereignty. The Guard has been relatively effective at combatting piracy in the region, thanks to the support of the local population.[6] The legal powers and purpose of the SLGC were formally outlined in the Somaliland Coast Guard Law, which was promulgated in January, 2019. The Coast Guard has received limited support from international sources, such as the European Union.[7]





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Rank group General/flag officers Field/senior officers Junior officers Officer cadet
 Somaliland Navy
Somaliland Navy OF-8.svg
Somaliland Navy OF-7.svg
Somaliland Navy OF-6.svg
Somaliland Navy OF-5.svg
Somaliland Navy OF-4.svg
Somaliland Navy OF-3.svg
Somaliland Navy OF-2.svg
Somaliland Navy OF-1b.svg
Somaliland Navy OF-1a.svg
Vice Admiral
Admiraal kuxigeenka
Rear Admiral
Admiraal gaas
Commodore Admiral
Admiraal guuto
Gashaanle sare
Gashaanle dhexe
Lieutenant Commander
Sub Lieutenant
Laba xídígle


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