Sonoma Coast State Marine Conservation Area
Sonoma Coast SMCA 3513.jpg
LocationSonoma County, California
Nearest cityBodega Bay, California
Coordinates38°20′57″N 123°04′05″W / 38.3492°N 123.068°W / 38.3492; -123.068Coordinates: 38°20′57″N 123°04′05″W / 38.3492°N 123.068°W / 38.3492; -123.068
AreaSonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast State Marine Conservation Area is a protected area along the coast of northern California, part of the North Central Coast Study Region.

It is bounded by the mean high tide line, the 3-fathom depth contour, and several points along 3 miles (4.8 km) of coast between Mussel Point and Schoolhouse Beach in Sonoma County.[1]

Within this Area, the recreational taking of all marine aquatic plants and some invertebrates is prohibited. Commercial taking of giant kelp and bull kelp is also prohibited.[2]

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