Sophie Ley
Born1849 (1849)
Bodmann am Bodensee, Germany
Died1918 (aged 68–69)
Karlsruhe, Germany
Known forPainting

Sophie Ley (1849–1918) was a German painter.[1]

Ley was born in 1849 in Bodmann am Bodensee, Germany.[2]

She studied painting with Hans Gude and at the Academia Artium Stuttgardens.[1] She also studied with Eugen Bracht at the Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe. Ley exhibited her work at the Woman's Building at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. She was a member of the Stuttgarter Künstlerbund [de] (Stuttgart Artists' Association).[3]

Ley died in 1918 in Karlsruhe.[2]

Apple Blossoms by Sophie Ley, 1893


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