Sotetsu 12000 series
Sotetsu 12000 series on the Izumino Line in April 2019
Family nameSustina S24 Series
Entered service2019
Number built60 cars (6 sets)
Number in service60 cars (6 sets)
Formation10 cars per trainset
Depot(s)Kashiwadai Station
Line(s) servedSōtetsu Main Line
Sōtetsu Izumino Line
Sōtetsu Shin-Yokohama Line
Saikyō Line
Shōnan–Shinjuku Line
Car body constructionStainless steel
Doors4 pairs per side
Maximum speed120km
Traction systemIGBT-VVVF
Electric system(s)1,500 V DC overhead lines
Current collection methodPantograph
Safety system(s)TASC[1]
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)

The Sotetsu 12000 series (相鉄12000系) is an electric multiple unit (EMU) train type on order by the private railway operator Sagami Railway (Sotetsu) in Japan. A total of six ten-car sets were ordered for use on Sōtetsu Shin-Yokohama Line services.[2]


The trains are formed as ten-car sets. The sets are formed as shown below.[3]

Car No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Designation Tc2 M6 M5 M4 M3 T2 T1 M2 M1 Tc1
Numbering 12100 12200 12300 12400 12500 12600 12700 12800 12900 12000
Weight (t) 31.6 31.1 33.1 34.0 34.0 29.7 30.3 34.0 33.4 31.3


The interior is based on the interior of the 20000 series[4] and has LED lighting which adjusts automatically according to the time of day. Spaces for wheelchairs and stollers are also provided.[5]

Technical specifications

The trains are built by J-TREC as part of their "Sustina S24 Series" design,[1] and use VVVF-IGBT technology.[4] They have stainless steel car bodies,[6] which carry the "Yokohama Navy Blue" corporate livery.[5]


In April 2018, Sotetsu announced the introduction of a new train type for Sōtetsu JR Link Line services.[7] The first set was delivered from J-TREC in December 2018.[8] Entry into revenue-earning service is scheduled for spring 2019. All six sets are scheduled to be introduced by the end of 2019.[4]

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