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South American Board of New Football Federations
Consejo Sudamericano de Nuevas Federaciones de Fútbol
Conselho Sul-Americano de Novas Federações de Futebol
FormationMay 25, 2007
TypeSports organization
HeadquartersBuenos Aires, Argentina
South American regions, ethnic groups, small nations
Official language
Spanish, Portuguese
Argentina Gonzalo Esteban Parada
Vice President
Brazil Thiago Fernandes Monteiro
General Secretary
Chile Gonzalo Flores Domarchi
Argentina 03 (including the president)
Chile 02 (including the general secretary)
Brazil 03 (including the vice-president)
Colombia 01
Uruguay 01
Spain 01 (special representative)

The South American Board of New Football Federations (Spanish: Consejo Sudamericano de Nuevas Federaciones de Fútbol, Portuguese: Conselho Sul-Americano de Novas Federações de Futebol), also known by its acronym COSANFF (formerly known as CSANF) is the administrative and controlling body for non-FIFA football federations in South America.[1] It was also initially affiliated with the now defunct N.F.-Board.

CSANF was founded on 25 May 2007 and is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of the founders, Gonzalo Esteban Parada is the current President.


The CSANF Cup, sometimes called the Alternative America Cup (in Spanish Copa América Alternativa), is the main competition organized by CSANF between the football teams of the peoples and regions affiliated with the CSANF. The first CSANF Cup was launched in 2011, a modest arrangement because of financial difficulties. The single match elimination of the loser was adopted.

The following Cup events were in 2014 called CSANF Cup - Fraternidad Internacional and the third was in 2017 called CSANF Cup - 10 Años o celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the CSANF

# Year Title Host Final
Winner Score Runner-up
1 2011 Copa CSANF 2011 Juan Fernández Islands

Juan Fernández Islands
(4–3 PSO)

Aimará Nation
2 2014 Copa CSANF 2014 -
Fraternidad Internacional
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Armenian Argentine Community

3 2017 Copa CSANF -
10 Años
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Armenian Argentine Community

Fernando de Noronha

Affiliated associations in Confederation of Independent Football Associations

Since 2019, CSANF has some associations affiliated to Confederation of Independent Football Associations (ConIFA). The champion of the CSANF Cup, has the right, if affiliated at the same time with CONIFA, to qualify automatically to the following edition of the ConIFA World Cup as representative of the South American group. It is worth mentioning that this was a new opening, as until the 2019 agreement, ConIFA did not have any South American representation. However the CSANF champion was not obliged to participate in case it didn't want to. If the CSANF champion was not an affiliate or has financial issues that kept it from taking part, the CSANF runner-up (if affiliated with ConIFA) would earn the right to take part.[citation needed]


Selection Area Membership Category Year
joined COSANFF
Aymara Nation [2] Mainly Chile
Also: Bolivia, Peru
Juan Fernández Islands[3] Chile Full-member
Mapuche Nation[4] Chile
Fernando de Noronha[4] Brazil Full-member
Roraima[4] Brazil Full-member
Indigenous peoples of Panama[4] Panama Full-member
Chiloé[4] Chile Full-member
Tierra del Fuego[4] Argentina Associate
Credited as Special members
Easter Island Chile Special Associate
Team: CF Rapa Nui
Esperanto[5] International Special Associate
Armenian Argentine Community Argentina Special Associate

Potential Members


Currently, CSANF has representatives in 5 of 13 South American countries - Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Colombia - and one special representative in Spain.

In total are 16 members, including the president, vice-president and the general secretary.


Other representatives (current and earlier)

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