Coordinates: 44°22′22.6″N 100°20′19.4″W / 44.372944°N 100.338722°W / 44.372944; -100.338722

The South Dakota State Historical Society is South Dakota's official state historical society and is located in Pierre, South Dakota at 900 Governors Drive. It is a part of the South Dakota Department of Education.[1]


The South Dakota State Historical Society was founded in 1862 as the Old Settlers Association of Dakota Territory.[2] In 1901, the South Dakota Legislature established the Association as the official state historical society. In 1975, the State Archives were incorporated into the Society, which continues to operate them and also functions as a public library. In 1989 the Culture Heritage Center was opened as a home for all archives, a museum, and their administrative offices.[1]

In 2014, the South Dakota State Historical Society published an annotated version of Wilder's autobiography, titled Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Pamela Smith Hill (Editor).[3][4]


In addition to the State Archives, the Society operates the Museum of the South Dakota State Historical Society, the State Historic Preservation Office, the South Dakota State Historical Society Press, and an archaeological research center.


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