South Hampstead
for Camden Council
Outline map
Boundary of South Hampstead in Camden.
CountyGreater London
Current ward
Created2022 (2022)
Number of councillorsThree
Created fromSwiss Cottage
UK Parliament constituencyHampstead and Kilburn

South Hampstead is a ward in the London Borough of Camden, in the United Kingdom. The ward covers the area of the same name and was first used for the 2022 Camden London Borough Council election, electing three councillors to Camden Council.[1] Most of its area was previously in Swiss Cottage ward, which was abolished at the same time, although sections of Kilburn and West Hampstead wards have also been incorporated under the new boundaries.[2] In 2018, the ward had an electorate of 8,904.[3]

South Hampstead ward covers the part of the area known as "the gardens", bordered by West End Lane, Belsize Road, Finchley Road and Broadhurst Gardens. It is served by South Hampstead station on the London Overground, in addition to several bus routes running through the area.

The ward currently returns three councillors to Camden Council, with an election every four years. At the last election in May 2022, all three candidates from the Labour Party were elected to represent the ward.


Three councillors currently represent South Hampstead ward.

Election Councillor Councillor Councillor
2022 Nina de Ayala Parker (Lab) Izzy Lenga (Lab) Will Prince (Lab)

Election results

Elections in the 2020s

5 May 2022 council election: South Hampstead ward[4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Nina de Ayala Parker 1,692 54.1
Labour Izzy Lenga 1,655 52.9
Labour Will Prince 1,564 50.0
Conservative Don Williams 976 31.2
Conservative Calvin Po 947 30.3
Conservative Marx de Morais 931 29.8
Liberal Democrats James Baker 436 13.9
Liberal Democrats Aimery de Malet Roquefort 424 13.6
Liberal Democrats Pranay Hariharan 376 12.0
Turnout 3,128 36.7
Labour win (new seat)
Labour win (new seat)
Labour win (new seat)


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