South Wight
 • 197465,185 acres (263.79 km2)[1]
 • 1973[2]44,890
 • 1992[3]53,600
 • Created1974
 • Abolished1995
 • Succeeded byIsle of Wight
Statusnon-metropolitan district, borough
 • HQNewport
Insignia of South Wight Borough Council

South Wight was a non-metropolitan district with the status of a borough on the Isle of Wight in England from 1974 to 1995.

The district was formed by the Local Government Act 1972, and was a merger of Sandown-Shanklin and Ventnor urban districts and Isle of Wight Rural District. It was one of two districts on the island formed in 1974 – the other was Medina.

Following a review by the Local Government Commission for England, the borough was abolished on 1 April 1995, when a single Isle of Wight Council replaced the island's county council and two district councils.[4]

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