South of Suez
South of Suez.jpg
Directed byLewis Seiler
Written by
Produced byBryan Foy
CinematographyArthur L. Todd
Edited byClarence Kolster
Music byFriedrich Hollaender
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
November 16, 1940
Running time
86 minutes
CountryUnited States

South of Suez is a 1940 American drama film directed by Lewis Seiler and starring George Brent, Brenda Marshall and George Tobias.[1] An alleged murder in an African diamond mine haunts a man many years later after he has returned to Britain. The film was made as a programmer by Warner Brothers. It was part of a cycle of British-themed films made by Hollywood studios during the era.


In 1930s East Africa, mining engineer John Gamble (George Brent) is framed for his partner's murder by another prospector, Eli Snedeker (George Tobias), over the possession of a huge diamond. Gamble escapes to England, changes his name, and dabbles in investment banking. Years later, after achieving wealth, he meets and falls in love with a rich heiress, Kit Sheffield (Brenda Marshall), who turns out to be the daughter of Gamble's murdered partner. She tells Gamble (now posing under an alias) that her one overriding ambition is to see John Gamble dead.

One evening when Fate offers Gamble the opportunity to rid himself of his old identity, he secretly plants his credentials on the body of a dead, unknown itinerant beneath a London bridge. The subsequent discovery of the corpse convinces authorities that John Gamble is indeed dead. This clears the way for he and Kit to marry. But a fateful intervention results in a courtroom trial involving Snedeker, who has moved to London as a semi-retired diamond cutter. Gamble reluctantly testifies, affirming Snedeker's accusation that he is the real John Gamble, the suspected murderer of Kit's father. However, Snedeker's wife (Lee Patrick) volunteers further testimony and reveals to the court that Snedeker was the real murderer. In a rage, Snedeker pulls a pistol and kills his wife, but her input has cleared Gamble of murder. He and Kit can now, finally, marry.

Main cast


The lead role was meant to be played by George Raft but he turned it down, so George Brent played it.[2]


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