Southwestern Front
Юго-Западный фронт
The headquarters staff of the Southwestern Front, 1917
Country Russian Empire
BranchRussian Imperial Army
RoleArmy group
EngagementsWorld War I
Alexei Brusilov
Lavr Kornilov

The Southwestern Front (Russian: Юго-Западный фронт) was an army group[a] of the Imperial Russian Army during World War I. During the conflict it was responsible for managing operations along a front line that stretched 615 kilometers, from what is now southern Belarus to northern Romania, and took part in such operations as the Battle of Galicia and the Brusilov Offensive. It was established in August 1914 and lasted throughout the war until the unrest caused by the Russian Revolution, at which point it was demobilized along with the rest of the Russian Army in early 1918. In total some two million troops had been under its command.[1][2]

Armies deployed on the Southwestern Front

The following field armies were part of the Southwestern Front.[2]


Commander of the armies of the Southwestern Front

The commanders of the Southwestern Front were as follows.[2]

Appointed Commander Dismissed
19.07.1914 General of Infantry Nikolai Ivanov 17.03.1916
17.03.1916 General of Cavalry Aleksei Brusilov 21.05.1917
22.05.1917 Lieutenant General Aleksei Gutor 10.07.1917
10.07.1917 General of Infantry Lavr Kornilov 18.07.1917
24.07.1917 Lieutenant General Peter Baluev 31.07.1917
02.08.1917 Lieutenant General Anton Ivanovich Denikin 29.08.1917
29.08.1917 Lieutenant General Fyodor Ogorodnikov 09.09.1917
09.09.1917 Lieutenant General Nikolai Volodchenko 24.11.1917
11.1917 Lieutenant General Nikolai Stogov 12.1917
01.1918 Lieutenant General Vladimir Yegoryev 02.1918

Bolshevik leaders

Appointed Commander Dismissed
12.1917 Warrant Officer Alexander Myasnikov 01.1918
01.1918 Vasily Kikvidze 02.1918

Chiefs of Staff

Appointed Commander Dismissed
19.07.1914 Lieutenant General Mikhail Alekseyev 17.03.1915
23.03.1915 Lieutenant General Vladimir Dragomirov 08.05.1915
08.05.1915 General of Infantry Sergei Savvich 13.12.1915
13.12.1915 General of Infantry Vladislav Klembovsky 23.10.1916
23.10.1916 Lieutenant General Semyon Sukhomlin 29.05.1917
29.05.1917 Major General Nikolay Dukhonin 04.08.1917
04.08.1917 Lieutenant General Sergey Markov 29.08.1917
10.09.1917 Lieutenant General Nikolai Stogov 24.11.1917


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  1. ^ A "front" is the Russian equivalent of an army group, not to be confused with a geographic theater of operations.

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