Soyuz MS-15
ISS-60 Soyuz MS-15 crew ship ascending into space.jpg
The Soyuz MS-15 ascending into space as seen from the ISS.
Mission typeCrewed mission to ISS
COSPAR ID2019-064A Edit this at Wikidata
SATCAT no.44550
Mission duration204d 15h 19m
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeSoyuz-MS 11F747 No. 744
ManufacturerRKK Energia
Crew size3
MembersOleg Skripochka
Jessica Meir
LaunchingHazza Al Mansouri
LandingAndrew Morgan
CallsignSarmat / Сармат
Start of mission
Launch date25 September 2019
13:57:42 UTC[1][2]
Launch siteBaikonur, Site 1/5
ContractorProgress Rocket Space Centre
End of mission
Landing date17 April 2020, 05:16:43 UTC
Landing siteSteppe of Kazakhstan near the town of Dzhezkazgan
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
RegimeLow Earth
Inclination51.6° [2]
Docking with ISS
Docking portZvezda aft
Docking date25 September 2019
19:42:40 UTC
Undocking date17 April 2020, 01:53:00 UTC
Time docked204d 6h 10m
Expedition 61 Press Conference (NHQ201909240006).jpg

(l-r) Al Mansouri, Skripochka and Meir
Soyuz programme
(Crewed missions)

Soyuz MS-15 was a Soyuz spaceflight launched on 25 September 2019,[1] transporting two members of the Expedition 61 crew and a short duration visiting crew member to the International Space Station. Soyuz MS-15 was the 143rd flight of a Soyuz spacecraft with a crew. It was the last flight of Soyuz-FG launcher before its replacement by the Soyuz-2 in the crewed spaceflight role, and also the last launch from Site 1/5 (Gagarin's Start) before its modernisation to support the new Soyuz-2 rocket. The crew consisted of a Russian commander, an American flight engineer, and the first Emirati astronaut.[3] To celebrate this event, pictures of the Soyuz launcher and of Hazza Al Mansouri were projected on Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.[4]


Position Launching Crew member Landing Crew member
Commander Russia Oleg Skripochka, RSA
Expedition 61/62
Third and last spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1 United States Jessica Meir, NASA
Expedition 61/62
First spaceflight
Spaceflight Participant/Flight Engineer 2 United Arab Emirates Hazza Al Mansouri,
First spaceflight
United States Andrew Morgan, NASA
Expedition 60/61/62
First spaceflight


Backup crew

Position Crew member
Commander Russia Sergey Ryzhikov, RSA
Flight Engineer United States Thomas Marshburn, NASA
Spaceflight Participant United Arab Emirates Sultan Al Neyadi, MBRSC


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