SpVgg Landshut
Full nameSpVgg Landshut 1919 e.V.
ChairmanSebastian Schwarz
ManagerFlorian Baumgartl
LeagueMen: Landesliga Bayern-Südost (VI)
Women: Landsliga Bayern-Süd (IV)

The SpVgg Landshut is a German association football club from the city of Landshut, Bavaria. Both the clubs men and women's football teams have in the past played in the highest state league, the Bayernliga.


The club was formed in 1919, after the end of the First World War.[1] However, football was already played at this stage in the football departments of the MTV and TV 1861 Landshut. In the early days of the SpVgg, the club was associated with the later, functioning as its football department.

The club made a brief appearance in the Bezirksliga Bayern (I) in 1932–33, just before this league was dissolved in favour of the new Gauliga Bayern in 1933. It was to be the only top-flight appearance for the SpVgg Landshut in its history.

After the Second World War, the SpVgg originally played in the Bezirksliga Niederbayern, a local amateur league in Lower Bavaria.[2] The SpVgg achieved promotion to the Landesliga Bayern in 1948, then the second tier of the league system, below the Oberliga Süd. The league was renamed Amateurliga Bayern in 1950 and became the third tier of the league system. Landshut originally performed reasonably well in the league but declined from 1952 to the point where they were only saved from relegation in 1953 by the split of the league into a northern and a southern division.

The club became part of the Amateurliga Südbayern for the 1953–54 season but its decline continued and it was relegated straight away.

The team continued its existence in the 2. Amateurliga Niederbayern, below the Bayernliga, until 1960, when they gained promotion back to the highest Bavarian league. The next three seasons, the club spent in mid-table, until 1963, when the German football league system was reformed and the Amateurliga Bayern went back to a single-division format.

Below the Bayernliga, three Landesligas were set up and Landshut entered the Landesliga Bayern-Mitte (IV). Until 1968, the club finished generally in the upper half of the table, but in 1968–69, it was relegated to the Bezirksliga, where it played for one season before bouncing back. In 1972–73, it was once more relegated. It returned for one season to the Landesliga in 1977–78, played in the Bezirksliga the season after and finally earned promotion back to the Landesliga in 1979, ending their last stay in the Bezirksliga to date.

After two seasons of mid-table finishes, the club earned the right to enter the Oberliga promotion round through a second-place finish in 1981–82, where it succeeded and returned to the Bayernliga. Landshut remained an unremarkable side in its next seven seasons in this league, except for 1985–86. It also qualified for the 1981–82 DFB-Pokal, losing at home to third division side FV Hassia Bingen, 2–3.[3]

The greatest success for the club came in 1986, when, under coach Karsten Wettberg, the title in the Bayernliga was won. This would have entitled the club to take part in the promotion round for the 2. Bundesliga but for financial reasons, the SpVgg declined to apply for a licence and the TSV 1860 Munich took part instead. The club entered the German amateur football championship instead, usually reserved for Oberliga runners-up, and reached the semi-finals before being knocked out by the VfR Bürstadt.[4]

A second highlight in the club's history was the 1988–89 DFB-Pokal, which they qualified for. Beating BVL 08 Remscheid 2–3 away,[5] the team advanced to the second round. This was followed by a narrow defeat to Alemannia Aachen, 1–2, this time in Landshut.[6]

After this, the club struggled against relegation in the following seasons and dropped down in 1989. After three seasons in the Landesliga, the club once more returned to the Oberliga on the strength of a runners-up spot in its league. Another eight seasons in the Bayernliga followed, a fifth place in 1994 being the highlight. In 2000, the club was relegated once more.

Qualified for the German Cup for a third time, the SpVgg hosted Hansa Rostock in 1999–2000. Again the club performed well, losing only 0–2 against the Bundesliga side.[7]

Like in the previous two decades, the year ending with 2 meant a second-place finish for the club but this time they failed in the promotion round. The season after, the club won the Landesliga for the first time and returned to the Oberliga, for one season, dropping down immediately again.

In the 2011–12 season the team won the Landesliga and earned the right to take part in the promotion round to the new Regionalliga Bayern. While the club was knocked out in the first round by SV Heimstetten it nevertheless qualified for an expanded Bayernliga from 2012.[8] The club finished on a relegation play-off rank in the 2014–15 season and, after losing to SV Erlbach in the first round, was relegated back to the Landesliga.


The club's honours:





Recent seasons

The recent season-by-season performance of the club:[9][10]

Season Division Tier Position
1985–86 Bayernliga III 1st
1986–87 Bayernliga 11th
1987–88 Bayernliga 11th
1988–89 Bayernliga 15th ↓
1989–90 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte IV 5th
1990–91 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte 7th
1991–92 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte 2nd ↑
1992–93 Bayernliga III 12th
1993–94 Bayernliga 5th
1994–95 Bayernliga IV 7th
1995–96 Bayernliga 14th
1996–97 Bayernliga 10th
1997–98 Bayernliga 9th
1998–99 Bayernliga 10th
1999–2000 Bayernliga 16th ↓
2000–01 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte V 4th
Season Division Tier Position
2001–02 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte V 2nd
2002–03 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte 1st ↑
2003–04 Bayernliga IV 18th ↓
2004–05 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte V 3rd
2005–06 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte 4th
2006–07 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte 5th
2007–08 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte 4th
2008–09 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte VI 2nd
2009–10 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte 4th
2010–11 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte 3rd
2011–12 Landesliga Bayern-Mitte 1st ↑
2012–13 Bayernliga Süd V 4th
2013–14 Bayernliga Süd 13th
2014–15 Bayernliga Süd 16th ↓
2015–16 Landesliga Bayern-Südost VI 10th
2016–17 Landesliga Bayern-Südost
Promoted Relegated


The club originally played in the Flutmulde, a flood plain near the Isar river. After floods destroyed the playing fields there in 1920, the club moved to Grieserwiese, where they could engage the FC Bayern Munich for its opening game, which Landshut won 4–2.

In October 1921, the SpVgg begun building a new ground at Hammerbach, which was to become their current stadium, the Hammerbachstadion. It holds 10,000 spectators and has 2,018 seats.[11]

DFB-Pokal appearances

The club has qualified for the first round of the DFB-Pokal three times:

Season Round Date Home Away Result Attendance
1981–82 DFB-Pokal First round[12] 28 August 1981 SpVgg Landshut FV Hassia Bingen 2–3
1988–89 DFB-Pokal First round[13] 6 August 1988 BVL 08 Remscheid SpVgg Landshut 2–3
Second round[14] 14 September 1988 SpVgg Landshut Alemannia Aachen 1–2
1999–2000 DFB-Pokal First round bye
Second round[15] 7 August 1999 SpVgg Landshut Hansa Rostock 0–2


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