This search page will return a list of all account usernames currently in use on Wikipedia, or (if filtered) only those who are a member of a specified group. Adding a starting name, or the first few letters of the beginning of a name, is allowed and will be accepted. If you are a new user seeking to create an account on Wikipedia, you'll want to make sure that your desired username is not displayed in the resulting list when searching for it below. It's highly recommended that you review and fully understand Wikipedia's username policy before choosing your account's username.

If a user account is a member of one or more local user groups — or granted the additional permissions and user rights that come with being a member of that group, their group membership will be listed on the right side the account's username and within parentheses (see the example below). The assignment and revocation of most of these roles is logged on this page. However, some changes — particularly those that are the removal of bureaucrat access, or any changes made to CheckUser and oversight access, are instead carried out by stewards and are logged on this page; changes affecting accounts and the English Wikipedia will show up with "username@enwiki" instead of just the username. Please note that certain individuals may also have global rights that grant the same user permissions, but across all Wikimedia sites and projects instead of just here. You can refer to Special:GlobalUsers or Special:CentralAuth to check the global rights that are granted to an individual. Some users may not be actively flagged or officially a member of one of more groups, but still retain the rights in name. This is usually observed with accounts that had those permissions removed due to inactivity, at their request, or because they want to temporarily step away from the project or from the role, etc. The automatically assigned autoconfirmed user right is not displayed here; you can view this information by navigating to this page.

If you wish to view a list of users, but only those who are currently active or have been recently active, this list is located here.

Example: If the account with username "Example" were a Wikipedia administrator, their account would appear in the list below as:

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