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Among the sports broadcasters in Brazil are the subscription channels ESPN, SporTV, Fox Sports, BandSports; the pay-per-view channels Premiere FC; and the subscription video streaming services DAZN and Mycujoo.

American Football


Main article: List of current National Football League broadcasters

ESPN Brazil broadcasts approximately four games on Sunday and all primetime games despite the original network (CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN). After the merge, ESPN shared its broadcasting rights with FOX Sports, and now the second broadcasts one "FOX late game" on Sunday afternoon. [1]


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ESPN does not broadcast a lot of games due to a lack of "help" from the teams, but does broadcast the final game.[2]



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ESPN only broadcasts games that are originally broadcast by the american ESPN. The same applies to FOX Sports.



ESPN mostly broadcasts games originally broadcast by the american ESPN. SporTV usually broadcasts games aired on TNT in the USA, but using the graphic package of the NBA International League Pass.[3] The same applies to Band in terms of graphic package, but the station only has the rights to broadcast games on Sunday and Thursday nights.[4] The NBA Brazil channel on YouTube started to occasionally broadcast games after a partnership with Budweiser.[5]

Beach Soccer

Globo broadcasts beach soccer games on a segment inside Esporte Espetacular (Spetacular Sport), a classic Sunday morning sports show. SporTV broadcasts the major part of the games, including the World Cup and Band Sports usually broadcasts the South American Cup.


At the moment, there is no active broadcasting contracts for Cricket in Brazil.

Field Hockey

At the moment, there is no active broadcasting contracts for Field Hockey in Brazil.


FIFA Futsal World Cup

Globo broadcasts the final of the World Cup on a segment inside Esporte Espetacular if Brazil is participating. SporTV (Globo's sports channel) broadcasts the whole tournament.


SporTV broadcasts the major part of the games, TV Brasil covers the small part of the games and Globo broadcasts the final of the tournament on a segment inside Esporte Espetacular.


At the moment, there is no active broadcasting contracts for Handball in Brazil, despite efforts from Rede Globo and its sports channel SporTV.

Ice Hockey


ESPN broadcasts a major part of the games.[6]

Motor Sports


Main article: List of Formula One broadcasters

After 27 years, Globo lost the F1 broadcasting rights to Band. The second, now broadcasts the races on Sundays live and on free-to-air TV. The Free Practices and Qualifying are broadcast on BandSports, Band's sports network only available on cable TV. [7]


FOX Sports broadcasts the Trucks, Xfinity and Cup races when those don't interfere on other live events. In that case, ESPN uses the ESPN 2 channel to broadcast it. Viewers can choose between the Brazilian commentary team and the original commentary team on races that are originally broadcast by FOX in the United States. [8]


ESPN has the rights to broadcast all the major rugby tournaments.


Brazilian tournaments

National Championships

Globo broadcasts games of the First Division (Série A) only, on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoon. The games are regionally divided. Globo has the rights to broadcast all games.

SporTV broadcasts games from both First and Second Division (Série B). On the first division, SporTV can only broadcast games from: Atlético-GO, Atlético-MG, Botafogo, Bragantino, Corinthians, Flamengo, Fluminense, Goiás, Grêmio, São Paulo, Sport and Vasco. On the second division, SporTV has the rights to broadcast all games, but the channel reserves some games for its sister PPV channel, Premiere.[9]

Premiere (Globo's PPV channel) has the rights to broadcast games from both First and Second Division. On the first division, Premiere can broadcast games from all teams, except Athletico-PR (38 games). On the second division, Premiere has the rights to broadcast all games.

After long negotiations, Esporte Interativo got the rights to broadcast games from Athletico, Bahia, Coritiba, Ceará, Fortaleza, Internacional, Palmeiras and Santos. On games that both teams have contract with Esporte Interativo, TNT or Space broadcast the game exclusively on Cable TV, meaning that Globo can still broadcast them. On games that one of the teams has contract with Premiere and the other with Esporte Interativo, the game is broadcast by TNT or Space and Premiere.[10]

DAZN broadcasts all the games from the Third Division (Série C).[11]

MyCujoo and TV Brasil share the rights for most part of the games from the Fourth Division (Série D).

State Championships

Globo, SporTV and Premiere also broadcast the major part of the pre-season state championships. In 2020, Globo and FERJ had a disagreement, due to broadcasting rights for Flamengo's games. FERJ deactivated their contract with Globo, allowing teams to choose whether or not broadcast their games on the TV channel. Flamengo and multiple teams chose to broadcast their remaining games on their respective channels on YouTube. The final game was broadcast by SBT after negotiations between the channel and Flamengo and Fluminense FC.[12]

Copa do Brasil (Brazil Cup)

Globo, SporTV and Premiere broadcast all the games from Copa do Brasil.

European tournaments

Premier League (England)

ESPN and FOX Sports broadcast almost all games of the season, with the exception of games selected by DAZN (usually two per matchweek).[13]

All three use the Premier League International graphic package.

FA Cup (England)

Serie A (Italy)

Main article: List of Serie A broadcasters

SporTV can only broadcast one game per matchweek.[14]

Eredivise (Netherlands)

Main article: List of Eredivisie broadcasters

La Liga (Spain)

Main article: List of La Liga broadcasters

FOX Sports also uses the FOX Premium channel to broadcast selected games. The channel is pay-per-view.

Bundesliga (Germany)

Main article: List of Bundesliga broadcasters

Band can broadcast one game per matchweek and usually the channel chooses games from Sunday morning.

Ligue 1 (France)

Main article: List of Ligue 1 broadcasters

UEFA Champions League

Main article: List of UEFA Champions League broadcasters

TNT Sports (WarnerMedia) has the broadcasting rights for the UEFA Champions League. Occasionally the games will be shown on Facebook but for the most part, two games will be on TV (via TNT and Space) and the rest on Estádio TNT Sports (TNT Sports's streaming service).

UEFA Europa League

Main article: List of UEFA Europa League broadcasters

FOX Sports has the rights to broadcast the UEFA Europa League but after the merge with ESPN, both channels started to carry the competition. Usually the channels will air 2 games (early and late window) on ESPN Brasil, ESPN, ESPN Extra, FOX Sports and FOX Sports 2 (group stage).

Latin American, Caribbean & North American tournaments

Copa Libertadores

Main article: List of Copa Libertadores broadcasters

Facebook is allowed to broadcast games from the group stage, usually on Thursdays. The production is made by Esporte Interativo. FOX Sports broadcasts approximately 65 matches, including the final, on cable TV. SBT broadcasts one or two matches per week, including the final, only if brazilian clubs are involved in those games. The PPV channel CONMEBOL TV broadcasts approximately 35 matches and its produced by BandSports.[18]

Copa Sudamericana

Main article: List of Copa Sudamericana broadcasters

DAZN was originally the official broadcaster for Copa Sudamericana until 2022 but, in March 2020, after financial problems, opted out of the deal, leaving the rights to CONMEBOL's very own CONMEBOL TV, produced by BandSports.[19]

MLS (United States)

Even after the merge, ESPN does not share its broadcasting rights for the MLS with FOX Sports.[20]



Globo broadcasts the final games of both Brazilian Men's Volleyball Superliga and Brazilian Women's Volleyball Superliga on a segment inside Esporte Espetacular. SporTV (Globo's sports channel) broadcasts a major part of the tournament.


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