Prime Minister of Mauritius
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Mrs. Kobita Ramdanee-Jugnauth at IGI Airport, in New Delhi (longer).jpg
Kobita Jugnauth
since 23 January 2017
ResidenceClarisse House
Inaugural holderLady Sushil Ramgoolam
Formation12 March 1968

The spouse of the prime minister of Mauritius is the title of the wife or husband of the Prime Minister of Mauritius. To date it has been held by only 5 women, the current holder is Kobita Jugnauth.

Public role

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The role of the Prime Ministerial Consort is not an official office and as such they are not given a salary or official duties, however, is still generally regarded as a public figure, frequently accompanying the prime minister on campaign and other public appearances, and often hosting dignitaries at the prime minister's residence. The spouse of the Prime Minister of Mauritius frequently participates in humanitarian and charitable work.

List of spouses of the Mauritius prime ministers

Name Term begins Term ends Prime Minister
Lady Sushil Ramgoolam 12 March 1968 30 June 1982 Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam
Lady Sarojini Jugnauth 30 June 1982 15 December 1995 Sir Anerood Jugnauth
Veena Ramgoolam 15 December 1995 11 September 2000 Dr. Navin Ramgoolam
Lady Sarojini Jugnauth 12 September 2000 7 October 2003 Sir Anerood Jugnauth
Arriane Bérenger 7 October 2003 5 July 2005 Paul Bérenger
Veena Ramgoolam 5 July 2005 14 December 2014 Dr. Navin Ramgoolam
Lady Sarojini Jugnauth 14 December 2014 23 January 2017 Sir Anerood Jugnauth
Kobita Jugnauth 23 January 2017 Current Pravind Jugnauth

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