View from overlook at Sprewell Bluff Park, December 2021
View from overlook at Sprewell Bluff Park, December 2021

Sprewell Bluff Park, formerly Sprewell Bluff State Park, is a 1,372 acre (5.55 km2) Upson County, Georgia , park located between Roland and Crest. The park's location on the Flint River makes it a great place for swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and whitewater rafting. The park also features a three-mile walking trail that winds along the bank of the river and up rocky bluffs, offering exquisite views of the park below. This park was part of The Heritage Trust Commission established by Governor Jimmy Carter in 1972. This commission was responsible for meeting the needs for recreational areas for the growing population.[1]


The central river bluff was named after Jeptha Sprewell, a pioneer citizen.[2]

The park land is owned by Georgia Power Company. The State of Georgia originally leased the land in the 1990s as a State Park. In 2013, Upson County took over management of the property.[3]


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Coordinates: 32°52′16″N 84°28′26″W / 32.87107°N 84.47393°W / 32.87107; -84.47393