Sri Kurmam
Sri Kurmam Temple view
Sri Kurmam
Sri Kurmam
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Sri Kurmam
Sri Kurmam
Sri Kurmam (India)
Coordinates: 18°16′16″N 84°00′18″E / 18.271°N 84.005°E / 18.271; 84.005Coordinates: 18°16′16″N 84°00′18″E / 18.271°N 84.005°E / 18.271; 84.005
StateAndhra Pradesh
17 m (56 ft)
 • OfficialTelugu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
532 404
Vehicle RegistrationAP30 (Former)
AP39 (from 30 January 2019)[1]

Sri Kurmam is a village near Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Srikurmam village is situated at a distance of 14.5 km to the South-east of Srikakulam town. It is in the Gara mandal of Srikakulam district. The village was named after the Srikurmam temple, the presiding deity of which is Lord Vishnu in Kurmavathara.


Sri Kurmam is located at a latitude of 18° 16' N, a longitude of 84° 1' E and an altitude of 17 meters (59 feet).[2] This location puts the temple about 3 km from the Bay of Bengal.

Sri Kurmam Temple

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Mandapam at Srikurmam Temple
Mandapam at Srikurmam Temple

Sri Kurmam (holy tortoise) is a famous place of pilgrimage and the temple here is unique of its kind in the entire India. The temple is noted for its architectural beauty and contains many inscriptions ranging from the Eleventh Century A.D. to the Nineteenth Century A.D. According to inscriptions in the temple dated 1281 AD, the holy place of Kürmakshetra was re-established by Sri Ramanujacharya under the influence of Jagannatha Deva at Jagannatha Puri. Later the temple came under the jurisdiction of the king of Vijayanagara. The inscriptions throw light on the dynasties which held sway over this region. The temple is dedicated to Sri Kurmanatha, the second avatar of Lord Vishnu, Kurma Avatar.

Dolotsavam is the important festival and more than 20,000 pilgrims congregate on this occasion.

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