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St. Anne Street was one of the original sixteen wards established as a result of the Municipal Corporations Act 1835.

The ward ceased to exist in 1952

St. Anne's Street ward Boundary 1835-1894

"All such portions of the said borough as are included within a line drawn from the point at which Shaw's-brow meets Byrom-street, northwards along the centre of Byrom-street, to the point where the same joins Scotland-place, thence along the centre of Scotland-place, to the point at which the same joins Scotland-road, thence along the centre of Scotland-road, to the point at which the same is met by Rose-place, thence eastward along the centre of Rose-place, to the point at which the same meets the boundary line of the township of Everton, thence south-ward along the boundary of the Lime-street Ward, to the point first described."[1][2][3]

St. Anne's ward Boundary 1895-1952

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Councillors 1835-1952

Year Party Councillor elected
1835 Reformer Richard Alison
Reformer Thomas Coglan
Reformer Edward Cropper[4]
1836 Reformer Joseph Mason
1837 Reformer Edward Segar
1838 Reformer Thomas Coglan
1839 Conservative Robert Jones jun.
1840 Reformer William Slater
1841 Conservative James Parker
1842 Conservative Robert Jones jun.
1843 Reformer Joseph Hornby
1844 Conservative James Parker
1845 Reformer William Earle
1846 Conservative William Bennett
1847 Conservative James Parker
1848 Conservative Thomas Poole
1849 Conservative William Bennett - elected Alderman 9 Nov 1850
1850 John Nicholson
15 Nov 1850 Reformer William Kenney Tyrer
1851 Raymond William Houghton
1852 Reformer Thomas Llewelyn Hodson
1853 John Nicholson
1854 Reformer Joseph Kitchen
1855 Reformer Thomas Llewelyn Hodson
1856 Reformer James Mellor
1857 Reformer Joseph Kitchen
1858 Reformer Thomas Llewelyn Hodson
1859 Conservative George Nickson
1860 Liberal Joseph Kitchen
1861 Liberal William Bottomley Bairstow
1862 Conservative George Nickson
1863 Liberal Joseph Kitchen
1864 Conservative Dr. John Stopford Taylor
1865 Conservative Joseph Bennion=
1866 Conservative Arthur P. Fletcher
1867 Conservative Dr. John Stopford Taylor
1868 Conservative James Denton
1869 Conservative James Tarbuck
1870 Conservative Dr. John Stopford Taylor
1871 Conservative James Denton
1872 Conservative James Tarbuck
1873 Conservative Dr. John Stopford Taylor
1874 Conservative Dr. William Cross
1875 Liberal Ronald McDougall
1876 Conservative George Fowler
1877 Conservative Dr. William Cross
1878 Conservative Thomas Hayes Sheen
1879 Liberal Henry Vaughan
1880 Conservative Dr. William Cross
1881 Conservative Thomas Hayes Sheen
1882 Conservative Joseph Woodcock
1883 Conservative William Cross M.D.
1884 Conservative Thomas Hayes Sheen
1885 Conservative Joseph Woodcock
1886 Conservative Dr. William Cross
1887 Conservative William Clarkson
1888 Liberal Samuel McMillin
1889 Conservative Arthur John Jones Bamford
1890 Conservative Jacob Reuben Grant
1891 Liberal Samuel McMillin
1892 Liberal Eli Brooks
1893 Liberal Jacob Reuben Grant
1894 Liberal Samuel McMillin
1895 Liberal Jeremiah Miles
1895 Liberal Jacob Reuben Grant
1895 Conservative Richard Ripley
1896 Liberal George King
1897 Liberal Jacob Reuben Grant
1898 Liberal James Crean
1899 Conservative Frederick Saunby
1900 Liberal George King
1901 Conservative Isaac Caton Glover
1902 Conservative Julius Jacobs
1903 Liberal George King
1904 Conservative Isaac Caton Glover
1905 Labour James Sexton[5]
1906 Liberal George King
1907 Liberal Dr. James Clement Baxter
1908 Labour James Sexton
1909 Liberal George King
1910 Liberal Dr. James Clement Baxter
1911 Labour James Sexton
1912 Liberal Philip Durning Holt
1913 Liberal Dr. James Clement Baxter
1919 Liberal Philip Durning Holt
1920 Irish Nationalist Patrick Alfred Durkin
1921 Labour James Sexton
1922 Independent Labour John Nield
1923 Irish Nationalist Patrick Alfred Durkin
1924 Labour James Sexton MP
1925 Catholic Party James Farrell Jnr.
1926 Labour Maurice Eschwege
1927 Labour James Sexton C.B.E. MP
1928 Labour John David Mack
1929 Labour Maurice Eschwege
1930 Labour Mrs.Elizabeth Margaret Braddock
1931 Labour John David Mack
1932 Labour Samuel Sydney Silverman
1933 Labour Mrs.Elizabeth Margaret Braddock
1934 Labour John David Mack
1935 Labour Samuel Sydney Silverman
1936 Labour Mrs.Elizabeth Margaret Braddock MP
1937 Labour John David Mack
1938 Harry Livermore
1945 Labour Mrs.Elizabeth Margaret Braddock
1945 Labour Abraham Louis Caplan
1946 Labour Mrs Sarah Anne McArd
1947 Labour Abraham Louis Caplan
1949 Labour Mrs.Elizabeth Margaret Braddock
1950 Labour Mrs Sarah Anne McArd
1951 Labour Abraham Louis Caplan
1952 Labour Mrs.Elizabeth Margaret Braddock

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