St. Joan of Arc Secondary School
Sja badge.png
55 Braemar Hill Road, North Point
MottoCivic Responsibility
Religious affiliation(s)Roman Catholic
PrincipalMr. Yuen Cheung Oi
St. Joan of Arc Secondary School, Hong Kong
Traditional Chinese聖貞德中學
Simplified Chinese圣贞德中学

St. Joan of Arc Secondary School (SJA, Chinese: 聖貞德中學) is a Roman Catholic co-educational school founded in 1955 by a group of Catholic women who graduated from the University of Hong Kong.

English is the primary medium of instruction in St. Joan of Arc Secondary School. It is the medium of instruction in junior Form English, Mathematics and Integrated Science. English is the language of instruction for most of the NSS subjects.

In Chinese Language classes, Mandarin language is the medium of instruction. Chinese language is used in some of the elective subjects.

St. Joan of Arc Secondary School is currently located in Braemer Hill, North Point, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.

Class structure

There are four classes from Form I to VI.

All classes are named after a Christian virtue: Faith, Hope, Charity, Justice, Wisdom and Courage.


There are 31 air-conditioned classrooms and 15 special rooms fully equipped with IT facilities. There are also a chapel, a playground, a school hall, a student-activity centre, a lecture hall, a multimedia learning centre, a library fully equipped with IT facilities, a newly designed music room and a visual art room in our school. In terms of sport facilities, there is a football pitch, basketball court and a multifunctional indoor sport ground.

School Organisation

Student Councils

Extra-curricular activities

Religion Academic Interest Uniform Groups, Training & Services
  • Catholic Society
  • Chinese Society
  • English Society
  • Mathematics Society
  • Liberal Studies Society
  • Science Society
  • Humanities Education Society
  • Information Technology Society
  • Visual Arts Society
  • Music Society
  • Physical Education Society
  • Chess Society
  • Karate Society
  • Magic Society
  • Photography Society
  • Model Making Society
  • Environmental Protection Society
  • Drama Society
  • Shooting Club
  • STEM Society
  • Choir


Coordinates: 22°16′59″N 114°11′56″E / 22.28309°N 114.198879°E / 22.28309; 114.198879