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The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum is a team hall of fame located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, representing the history, players and personnel of the professional baseball franchise St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball (MLB). It is housed within Ballpark Village, a mixed-use development and adjunct of Busch Stadium, the home stadium of the Cardinals. To date, 47 members have been enshrined within the Cardinals Hall of Fame.


The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum was originally located in downtown St. Louis in the same building as the International Bowling Museum and the World Bowling Writers International Bowling Hall of Fame, near the site of the old Busch Stadium and the new Busch Stadium. The International Bowling Museum closed its St. Louis site in November 2008 and moved to Arlington, Texas.[1]

The Cardinals Hall of Fame likewise closed when the Bowling Museum moved and suspended public operations.[2] However, the museum staff designed a new hall of fame and museum. The Cardinals moved the museum to the St. Louis Ballpark Village, which is located across Clark Street from Busch Stadium and opened in 2014. The new facility was constructed within the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum and Cardinal Nation Restaurant in Ballpark Village.[3]

Voting criteria and process

The Inaugural HOF Induction, 2014.
The Inaugural HOF Induction, 2014.

In January, 2014, Cardinals chairman and chief executive officer William DeWitt, Jr., announced a plan for an annual formal Cardinals Hall of Fame induction process. Included components of the voting and induction process are a "Red Ribbon" committee of baseball experts, a six-week fan voting process in the spring, and an enshrinement ceremony in the summer. All former Cardinals already enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York and those honored with their number retired were automatically enshrined into the inaugural class of the Cardinals Hall of Fame on August 16, 2014.[4]

To be eligible for the Cardinals Hall of Fame, a player must have played three seasons for the Cardinals and have been retired from Major League Baseball for at least three years. Players are divided into two categories – "modern players" and "veteran players." Players who have been retired 40 or more years are classified as veteran players. Each year, a "Red Ribbon" committee selects one veteran player to be inducted and nominates another 6 to 10 players for a fan vote. The vote is then accomplished on the Cardinals official website. The two players with the highest online vote total are inducted. Additionally, the team may opt to elect personnel who fulfilled other roles besides playing, such as a coach, broadcaster or front office personnel. The team creates and displays a plaque for each elected member of the Hall. The plaques are created by the same company that creates the plaques for the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Each inductee is also provided with a red jacket that is to be worn at all official team ceremonies and functions. A total of 26 members were inducted for the first class of 2014.[4][5] Beginning in 2021, only one modern player will be elected each year

Cardinals Hall of Fame inductees

Bold Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame as a Cardinal
Bold Recipient of the Hall of Fame's Ford C. Frick Award

Positions that are listed were played the equivalent of a full season for the Cardinals.

Name Years with Cardinals Franchise Position(s) Year Elected Committee Selection
Jim Bottomleydagger 1922–1932 1B 2014 Inaugural
Ken Boyer 1955–1965, 1971–1972, 1978–1980 3B, CF, Manager, Coach 2014 Inaugural
Sam Breadon 1917–1947 Owner 2016 Team
Harry Brecheen 1940, 1943–1952 Pitcher 2018 Red Ribbon
Lou Brockdagger 1964–1979 LF 2014 Inaugural
Jack Buck 1954–1959, 1961–2001 Broadcaster 2014 Inaugural
Gussie Busch 1953–1989 Owner 2014 Inaugural
Chris Carpenter 2004–2012 Pitcher 2016 Fan
Vince Coleman 1985–1990 LF 2018 Fan
Charles Comiskey 1882–1889, 1891 1B, Manager 2022 Team
Mort Cooper 1938–1945 Pitcher 2019 Red Ribbon
Dizzy Deandagger 1930, 1932–1937, 1941–1946 Pitcher, Broadcaster 2014 Inaugural
Jim Edmonds 2000–2007, 2016–Present CF, Broadcaster 2014 Fan
Curt Flood 1958–1969 CF 2015 Red Ribbon
Bob Forsch 1974–1988 Pitcher 2015 Fan
Frankie Frischdagger 1927–1938 2B, 3B, Manager 2014 Inaugural
Bob Gibsondagger 1959–1975, 1995 Pitcher, Coach 2014 Inaugural
Chick Hafeydagger 1924–1931 OF 2014 Inaugural
Jesse Hainesdagger 1920–1937 Pitcher 2014 Inaugural
Keith Hernandez 1974–1983 1B 2021 Fan
Tom Herr 1979–1988 2B 2020 Fan
Whitey Herzogdagger 1980–1990 Manager, General Manager 2014 Inaugural
Matt Holliday 2009–2016, 2023–present LF, Coach 2022 Fan
Rogers Hornsbydagger 1915–1926, 1933 2B, 3B, SS, Manager 2014 Inaugural
Jason Isringhausen 2002–2008 Pitcher 2019 Fan
Julián Javier 1960–1971 2B 2022 Red Ribbon
George Kissell 1940–1942, 1946–2008 Coach, Instructor, Scout 2015 Team
Ray Lankford 1990–2001, 2004 LF, CF 2018 Fan
Tony La Russadagger 1996–2011 Manager 2014 Inaugural
Marty Marion 1940–1951 SS, Manager, Coach 2014 Red Ribbon
Pepper Martin 1928, 1930–1940, 1944 3B, CF, RF 2017 Red Ribbon
Tim McCarver 1959–1969, 1973–1974, 2014–2019 C, 1B, Broadcaster 2017 Fan
Willie McGee 1982–1990, 1996–1999, 2018–Present LF, CF, RF, Coach 2014 Fan
Mark McGwire 1997–2001, 2010–2012 1B, Coach 2017 Fan
Joe Medwickdagger 1932–1940, 1947–1948 LF 2014 Inaugural
Johnny Mizedagger 1936–1941 1B 2014 Inaugural
Terry Moore 1935–1942, 1946–1952, 1956–1958 CF, Coach 2016 Red Ribbon
Stan Musialdagger 1941–1944, 1946–1963, 1967 1B, LF, CF, RF, General Manager 2014 Inaugural
Branch Rickey 1919–1942 Manager, General Manager, President 2014 Inaugural
Scott Rolen 2002–2007 3B 2019 Fan
Red Schoendienstdagger 1945–1956, 1961–1976, 1979–1995 2B, LF, Manager, Coach 2014 Inaugural
Mike Shannon 1962–1970, 1972–2021 3B, RF, Broadcaster 2014 Team
Ted Simmonsdagger 1968–1980 C, 1B 2015 Fan
Enos Slaughterdagger 1938–1942, 1946–1953 LF, RF 2014 Inaugural
Ozzie Smithdagger 1982–1999 SS, Broadcaster 2014 Inaugural
Billy Southworthdagger 1926–1927, 1929, 1940–1945 RF, Manager 2014 Inaugural
Bruce Sutter 1981–1984 Pitcher 2014 Inaugural
Joe Torre 1969–1974, 1990–1995 C, 1B, 3B, Manager 2016 Fan
John Tudor 1985–1988, 1990 Pitcher 2020 Fan
Bill White 1959–1965, 1969 1B, LF 2020 Red Ribbon

Players who have been nominated, but not inducted, include Steve Carlton, George Hendrick, Matt Morris, Edgar Renteria, and Lee Smith.[6][7]

Selected artifacts

The Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum contains over 15,000 total artifacts and 80,000 photographs, second only to the National Baseball Hall of Fame as the largest collection of baseball antiquities. The museum includes a variety of displays and features on the Cardinals' former ballparks, the old St. Louis Browns and Negro League St. Louis Stars, championship teams, uniform history, and current players. Patrons can take part in interactive displays such as recording a broadcast call of a classic Cardinals play, or holding a bat used in a game by a Cardinals star of the past. It also features a special exhibit area that hosts a new display each season: these collections have included media related to the history of the Cardinal farm system, the life and career of Stan Musial, the team's radio partnership with KMOX, and the 2011 World Series team. On home game weekends, the Museum has additional programming such as autograph sessions, panel discussions with former players or staffers, and special presentations of unique memorabilia from their archives.

Championship memorabilia[8]

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