Staffordshire RU
Full nameStaffordshire Rugby Union
Founded1923; 99 years ago (1923)
ChairmanJohn McDermott
PresidentJohn McDermott
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The Staffordshire Rugby Union is the governing body for the sport of rugby union in the county of Staffordshire in England. The union is the constituent body of the Rugby Football Union (RFU) for Staffordshire, and administers and organises rugby union clubs and competitions in the county. It also administers the Staffordshire county rugby representative teams.


Although there had been a number of long established clubs such as Burton (founded in 1870), Lichfield (1874) and Wolverhampton (1875), it took until 1923 for the Staffordshire Rugby Union to be formed, when it was part of the North Midlands Rugby Football Union. As the county started to find its identity in the 1920s more sides would start to form, with clubs such as Walsall (1921) and Stafford (1925) coming into existence during this period.[1]

Despite its formation in 1923, Staffordshire would not be recognised as a constituent body by the RFU until the 1960s. In 1961 a representative side defeated the reigning county champions Cheshire in a friendly match. This result showed the RFU that Staffordshire were ready to be included in the County Championships and the following year they would take part for the first time, being finally awarded constituent body status in 1962.[2] On 14 March 1970, Staffordshire won the County Championship when they upset favourites Gloucestershire 11–9 in the final played at Peel Croft in Burton upon Trent.[3][4]

Since the glory days of 1970 Staffordshire have failed to win another county championship, and the reformation of the county game at the start of the 21st century saw them drop down to the third tier. In 2016 Staffordshire won both of their pool games in the Shield competition, reaching Twickenham for the very first time. Unfortunately they were unable to add to their silverware as they were beaten 11–30 by Hampshire in the final.[5] Despite losing the final, Staffordshire were promoted to tier 2 of the championships along with winners Hampshire, for the 2017 competition.

Staffordshire senior men's county side

The Staffordshire seniors men's team currently play in Division 2 of the County Championship.


Affiliated clubs

There are currently 31 clubs affiliated with the Staffordshire RU, most of which have teams at both senior and junior level and are based in Staffordshire and bordering parts of the West Midlands. Due to county boundary changes enforced by the Local Government Act 1972, several clubs (but not all) who are based in what is now known as West Midlands are also members of the North Midlands RFU as well as the Staffordshire RU.


County club competitions

The Staffordshire RU currently runs the following competitions for club sides based in Staffordshire:



Discontinued competitions


  1. ^ Bloxwich are joint members of the North Midlands RFU and Staffordshire RU.
  2. ^ Essington are joint members of the North Midlands RFU and Staffordshire RU.
  3. ^ Walsall are joint members of the North Midlands RFU and Staffordshire RU.
  4. ^ Midlands 5 West (North) was known as Midlands 6 West (North) between 2005 and 2009.

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