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The Standards Institute of Israel (SII) (Hebrew: מכון התקנים הישראלי, Makhon haTkanim haIsraeli) is a state-owned corporation responsible for setting standards for products and services provided in Israel. The Standards Institute tests and certifies products, granting a "stamp of approval" (tav teken). It also verifies that certified products maintain their quality over time.


The authority of the Institute is defined in the Law of Standards (1953). The Institute is located in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood in Tel Aviv near Tel Aviv University.

Established in 1945 by the Society of Engineers and Architects, it was registered as a company and independently set its standards, conducting quality testing and conducting surveys and studies.

The Standard Institute was an outgrowth of the Materials Testing Laboratory established in 1923 to check the quality of building materials. Only 30 years after launching the laboratory in 1953, the Institute was legally acknowledged as the supreme authority for setting Israeli standards.

Its primary task is determining standards and enforcing them. The Institute ensures quality control, does international market surveys, and conducts extensive studies about markets for various products.

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