Starfish Hill Wind Farm
Starfish Hill windfarm, Cape Jarvis.JPG
Coordinates35°35′03″S 138°08′25″E / 35.5843°S 138.1402°E / -35.5843; 138.1402Coordinates: 35°35′03″S 138°08′25″E / 35.5843°S 138.1402°E / -35.5843; 138.1402
Commission dateSeptember 2003 (2003-09)
Construction cost$65 million
Wind farm
Hub height68 m (223 ft)
Rotor diameter64 m (210 ft)
Power generation
Units operational22
Make and modelNEG Micon: NM64C
Nameplate capacity33 MW
Annual net output100 GWh
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Starfish Hill Wind Farm is a wind power station spread over two hills near Cape Jervis, South Australia. It has 22 wind turbines, eight on Starfish Hill itself and 14 on Salt Creek Hill, with a combined generating capacity of 33 MW of electricity.

Starfish Hill Wind Farm was commissioned in September 2003, making it the first major wind farm in the state.[1] On 30 October 2010, one of the original 23 turbines caught fire and was destroyed. It was not replaced, leaving the wind farm with 22 turbines.[2]

Starfish Hill Wind Farm was developed by Tarong Energy at a cost of $65 million. RATCH-Australia (at that time part of Transfield Services) acquired the wind farm in December 2007.[1][3]

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