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Starshy praporshchik (Russian: Ста́рший пра́порщик, lit.'Senior ensign') is a rank used by the Russian Ground Forces and a number of former communist states. The rank is a non-commissioned officer's and is equivalent to Starshy michman in navies. It is usually equivalent to Warrant officer class 1 or Sergeant major in English speaking armies.


Starshy praporshchik
Ста́рший пра́порщик
Rank insignia for the army and air force
Country Soviet Union (1981-1991)
Service branch Russian Ground Forces
 Russian Air Force
Russian Police
Formation12 January 1981
Next higher rankJunior lieutenant
Next lower rankPraporshchik
Equivalent ranksStarshy michman

Soviet Army and Militia

In the Soviet Military, the ranks of starshy praporshchik and starshy michman were introduced in 1981, in an attempt to recreate a corps of contract non-commissioned officers similar to master sergeants and chief petty officers, the role that was previously reserved for senior drafted personnel. Contrary to Western practice of assigning the senior sergeant ranks to veteran soldiers, the Soviet ranks of starshina and sergeant were routinely assigned to 20-year-old soldiers at the end of their 2-year draft. The praporshchiks were aged volunteers and were expected to have more authority over draftsmen than similarly aged sergeants; they are placed in a separate category of "master non-commissioned officers" (praporshchik and michman).

Shoulder boards USSR and Russian Federation (1971 − 1994):
Mechanized infantry,
shoulder board army (general)
land forces (general)
Technical troops, engineers,
armour, artillery,
missile troops (including: MT ground forces
SMT, Air defence MT)
Vehicle transport troops, construction troops
Air Force
Naval aviation
Airborne forces
MES Russia
Militia (until 2011)
Police (from 2011)
Everyday uniform
Rank insignia of старший прапорщик of the Soviet Army.svg
Rank insignia of старший мичман of the Soviet Navy.svg
Rank insignia of старший прапорщик of the Soviet Air Force.svg
Russian police senior warrant officer.png
Starshy praporshchik

Praporshchik ranks of the Russian armed forces from 1994

1994-2010 Ground Forces (Army) Air Force Airborne Troops Field uniform
Banner of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (obverse).svg
RAF A W2SenPrap 2010.png
RAF A W1Prap 2010.png
RAF AF W2SenPrap 2010.png
RAF AF W1Prap 2010.png
RAF ABTr W2SenPrap 2010.png
RAF ABTr W1Prap 2010.png
RAF A W2SenPrap 2010field.svg
RAF A W1Prap 2010field.svg
Praporshchik Starshy
'Praporshchik Starshy
Praporshchik Starshy
from 2010 Ground forces (Army) Air Force Airborne troops Fields uniform
Погон прапорщика ВВС с 2010 года.png
Погон старшего прапорщика ВВС с 2010 года.png
Praporshchik Starshy
Praporshchik Starshy
Praporshchik Starshy



Air Force

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