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Administration of State Guard of Ukraine
Управління державної охорони України
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Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionUA
Governing bodyPresident of Ukraine
Operational structure
Agency executive
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Administration of State Guard of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Управління державної охорони України) is a law enforcement agency in Ukraine that is subordinated to the President of Ukraine and under control of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's national parliament).



The agency was created on January 15, 1992, as administration in guarding the higher officials and was renamed in the summer of the same year. Its direct history as a direct successor of the Soviet state structure it traces back to 1975, when the 9th KGB service was created out of the Ministry of State Security of Ukrainian SSR. From September 1991 to January 1992 the service was called the 9th Guard Administration of the National Security Service of Ukraine.

Providing security for higher officials, however, has a much longer history in Ukraine. Such services are known to have existed in the Cossack Hetmanate and the Ukrainian State.

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