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State of Violence
Film poster
Directed byKhalo Matabane
Written byKhalo Matabane
Screenplay byKhalo Matabane
Produced byMichelle Wheatley, Jeremy Nathan
StarringFana Mokoena
Presley Chweneyagae
Neo Ntlatleng
Lindi Matshikiza
Vusi Kunene
CinematographyMatthys Mocke
Edited byAudrey Maurion
Release date
  • 2010 (2010)
Running time
79 minutes
South Africa

The State of Violence is a 2010 film by a South African film director, Khalo Matabane. The film features actors like Fana Mokoena, Presley Chweneyagae, Neo Ntlatleng, Lindi Matshikiza, and Vusi Kunene. Its settings are situated in a black township, Alexander. State of violence focuses is on addressing various issues concerning violence in South African townships.


History of South African Cinema

Aparthied Cinema

According to Tomaselli apartheid cinema practise gender discrimination, classism and racial remarks on Black representations for many years. This traditional cinema focused on subverting black realism at all means

History of Black Cinema in South Africa

Since the beginning of the apartheid establishment, black masses have been discarded from participating throughout mainstream media expressions.


The film begins at a church where young Bopedi witnesses the massacre. Three cops are involved, two whites officers with a black colleague, who ends to be the last person living in the area. Young Bopedi gathers mob justice to kill the black officer. At that time, any black person worked closely with white was referred a snatcher in which they could threaten to societal transformation and other plans aimed at collapsing the regime government.

Years later, Bobedi has just been made CEO of a large mining company in Johannesburg. After celebrating with his wife, Joy, and friends, he and his wife are victims of a violent attack, and Joy is murdered. Frustrated by the pace of justice, Bobedi decides that revenge is his only option. When he eventually catches the murderer, Bobedi must face the terrible secret that connects them across time and history. He must now choose between continuing the never-ending cycle of violence or stopping it right then and there.