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Developer(s)Planet Peer community members
Initial release2007
Stable release[1] / 2017
Written inC#
Operating systemWindows, Linux (GUI with Wine[2] otherwise CLI)
TypeFile sharing, Anonymous peer to peer
LicenseGNU GPL

StealthNet is an anonymous P2P file sharing software based on the original RShare client, and has been enhanced. It was first named 'RShare CE' (RShare Community Edition). It use the same network and protocols as RShare.

In 2011 a fork named DarkNode is release,[3] but one year later[4] the website is cleared with the source code.


Development was stopped in March 2011, with version,[5] with no official explanation on the web site.[6]

In 2012, the developers had an incident with the software Apache Subversion, a part of the source code of StealthNet was lost : versions (February 2010) to (October 2010).[7] However the source code is still available as files.


Some of the features of StealhNet:[8]


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