Strenna (Corsican: a strenna;[1] from Latin: strēna, word probably of Sabine origin, with the meaning "gift of good luck", cf. Italian "Strenna") is a Corsican pie having generally a round shape.[1] The pie is typical of the cuisine of Corsica and originates from the city of Vico in Corse-du-Sud.[1] Strenna is prepared for New Year's Day, and given as present by villagers to relatives coming to offer new year's wishes.[1][2]


Its main ingredients are wheat flour, shortening (sdruttu), brocciu, eggs, grated orange zest, egg yolk, sugar, olive oil and sugared milk.[1] A dough is prepared with flour, sdruttu, eggs and sugared milk.[1] The dough is kneaded, left to rest and divided in two parts.[1] Then brocciu is passed through a sieve and mixed with eggs, sugar, olive oil and grated orange zest to make the stuffing.[1] The dough is rolled out in two disks of equal size: one is put in a cake pan greased with oil, and then is punched with a fork.[1] The brocciu mix is put above it, then the other dough disk is put above the mix, punched with a fork and stuck to the lower dough layer by hands.[1] The pie is brushed with egg yolk and baked one hour in warm oven.[1]


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