Student Life
"The independent newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis since 1878"
The Danforth University Center, which houses Student Life offices
TypeBiweekly college newspaper
Format21" print, web
SchoolWashington University in St. Louis
Owner(s)Washington University Student Media, Inc.
EditorEmma Baker
Headquarters1 Brookings Drive #1039 St. Louis, MO 63130
CirculationPrint: 6,000 / Web: 200,000 per month

Student Life (StudLife) is the independent student-run newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis. It was founded in 1878 and incorporated in 1999. It is published by the Washington University Student Media, Inc.[1] and is not subject to the approval of the University administration, thus making it an independent student voice.[2]

It is published regularly every Monday and Thursday. Special issues include orientation and commencement issues, an April Fool's Day issue (called Student Libel); and a Valentine's Day issue centered on sex (called Student Love).[3] It has won multiple National Pacemaker Awards, recognizing the best college newspapers in the country, most recently in 2011.

It is an affiliate of UWIRE,[4] which distributes and promotes its content to their network.





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