Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame
LocationSuffolk County, New York, U.S.
TypeSports Hall of Fame
DirectorChris R. Vaccaro (Since 2017)

The Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame is an American sports hall of fame based in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York.[1] The non-profit was established during 1990 to honor outstanding people, living or deceased, who have gained prominence and made substantial contributions on behalf of themselves and Suffolk County in professional and amateur sports.[1][2]


During its early existence, The Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame maintained a museum and education center that was located on South Ocean Avenue in Patchogue, New York. The facility closed during 2013. Soon after, traveling and permanent satellite exhibits began to appeare throughout Suffolk County. Permanent exhibits are featured at Long Island MacArthur Airport, Bethpage Ballpark, home of the Long Island Ducks, and Huntington Town Hall.[3][1][4]

Since 1990, more than 315 inductees have entered the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame.[5]

The Hall of Fame underwent a significant transformation during 2017-2018 under the guidance of Executive Director Chris R. Vaccaro. He implemented a rebranding initiative for the organization that included new logo, the development of a website and the creation of social media channels. Vaccaro also addressed portions of the annual induction ceremony and golf outing that provided greater recognition for the organization among supporters, inductees and the public.[6]

In August 2019, the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame debuted its historic marker program that honors locations of sporting significance within the county. The first marker commemorated Bethpage Ballpark, the home of the Long Island Ducks. This location is the site of the longest operated professional sports franchise and ballpark in Suffolk County history.[7]

Executive directors

Categories of induction

The Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame honors inductees in 33 categories.

Special categories


Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame inductees appear below.

Name Sport Year Inducted
Marge Auster Multiple Sports, Officials 1990
Kevin Baugh Football 1990
Frank Benjamin Track & Field, Basketball, Athletic Directors 1990
Tom Bohrer Boating & Nautical 1990
Al Edwards Basketball 1990
Ralph Elliott Basketball 1990
Boomer Esiason Football 1990
Greg Flippen Track & Field 1990
Charles Forte Baseball 1990
Tracy Fuchs Field Hockey 1990
Dan Jiggets Football 1990
Ed Kirkman Journalism & Media 1990
Mitch Kupchak Basketball 1990
Frank Layden Basketball, Professional Sports 1990
Al Oerter Track & Field 1990
Henry J. Read Football, Coaches 1990
Randy Smith Basketball 1990
Jim Sullivan Officials 1990
John Veryzer Basketball 1990
Carl Yastrzemski Baseball 1990
Bob Burns Journalism & Media, Community Sports 1991
”Big Ed” Ed Danowski Football 1991
Raymond Enners Lacrosse 1991
Jamie Franklin Football 1991
Billy Graham Boxing 1991
Lou Howard Football, Coaches 1991
Jan Kandler Special Olympics 1991
Robert Muir Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Track 1991
Sarah Reinersten Track & Field 1991
William “Pete” Rogers Athletic Directors 1991
Bill Thieben Basketball 1991
Van Nostrand Family Tennis 1991
Clarence "Foots" Walker Basketball 1991
Sue Wicks Basketball 1991
W. Homer Ball Basketball 1992
David Blitz Special Olympics 1992
Marilyn Cross Gymnastics 1992
John Curtis II Baseball 1992
Robert L. Fallot Sports Medicine 1992
Joe Fanelli Journalism & Media 1992
James Gilhooley Track & Field, Coaches 1992
Bud Harrelson Baseball 1992
Toby Knight Basketball 1992
James "Buddy" McGirt Boxing 1992
John Schmitt Football 1992
Frank Urso Lacrosse 1992
Joe Vignato Coaches, Basketball, Track & Field, Soccer 1992
Scott Vogel Boating & Nautical 1992
Chuck Brown Swimming & Diving 1993
Charles H. Clark Journalism & Media 1993
Jumbo Elliott John Stuart "Jumbo" Elliott Football 1993
John F. Foley Athletic Directors, HOF Committee Member/Founder 1993
Cliff LaPlatney Coaches 1993
Adam Mariano Wrestling 1993
Michael McKillop Football 1993
Edward "Mickey" Norton Community Sports 1993
Harold Schwab Track & Field 1993
Charlise Brown-Whiteside Swimming & Diving 1993
Bobby Wine Baseball 1993
Ann Marie Wycoff Bagshaw Swimming & Diving 1994
Jim Barbanell Journalism & Media 1994
Fred Biangardi Baseball 1994
Jim "Sonny" Carman Softball 1994
Sal Ciampi Baseball, Football 1994
Kevin Foley Basketball 1994
Frank Gugliotta Basketball, Coaches 1994
Tom Gugliotta Basketball 1994
Dorrie Jackson Football 1994
H. Allen Jerkens Horse Racing 1994
Dick McGuire Basketball 1994
Thad J. Mularz Baseball, Soccer 1994
Tom Murphy Baseball 1994
Pat Peterson Cross Country, Track 1994
Glenn Vickers Basketball 1994
Joseph A. Campo Wrestling, Football 1995
Artie Dromerhauser Baseball 1995
Lou Giani Wrestling, Coaches 1995
Paul Gibson Baseball 1995
Kevin Hamilton Basketball 1995
Charlie Jarzombek Auto Racing 1995
Lisa Anne Ingerbretsen Jensen Gymnastics 1995
George Hiram Monsell Boating & Nautical 1995
Brad Rock Football 1995
George Usher Journalism & Media 1995
Tom Veryzer Baseball 1995
Kelley Watts Basketball 1995
Stan Wilcox Basketball 1995
Bernie Wyatt Football 1995
Paul Annacone Tennis 1996
Emerson Boozer Football 1996
Catherine Bretz Special Olympics 1996
Joseph L. Cipp, Jr Football 1996
Jim Dietz Football 1996
Frederick V. Harbach Auto Racing 1996
Floretta "Flo" Jackson Basketball 1996
Danny Lotz Basketball 1996
John C. Lotz Basketball 1996
Edward Petrie Basketball, Coaches 1996
David S. Rothenberg Athletic Directors 1996
Charles Boccia Softball 1997
Adrina Crichlow Basketball 1997
Tracey Day Martial Arts 1997
Al Desiderio Baseball 1997
Art Figliozzi Basketball, Officials, HOF Committee Member/Founder 1997
Al "T-Bone" Giordano Baseball, Athletic Directors 1997
Gerry Hart Hockey 1997
Neal Heaton Baseball 1997
Robert Hoppey Lacrosse, Coaches 1997
Bob Kaczynski Baseball 1997
Joe Miceli Boxing 1997
Walt Michaels Football 1997
John Niland Football 1997
Walter M. "Buck" Ramsey Athletic Directors 1997
Carl T. Smith Football 1997
Martin H. Albert Athletic Director 1998
Michael Cavaliere Basketball 1998
Nancy Cole Field Hockey 1998
Joe Cuozzo Lacrosse 1998
Guy "Butch" Dellecave Basketball, HOF Committee Member/Founder 1998
John Eden Soccer 1998
Nick Gallo Wrestling 1998
Clark Gillies Hockey 1998
Richard Francis Migliore Horse Racing 1998
Walter Curtis Miles Jr. Wrestling, baseball 1998
Joe Romanosky Basketball 1998
Ronald C. Davies Baseball 1999
Joe Erickson Football 1999
Michael Francis Foley "Mick" Wrestling 1999
Stan Kellner Basketball, Coaches 1999
Robert Lavinia Football 1999
Jumper Leggio Wrestling 1999
Brendan McCann Basketball, Coach 1999
Patricia McCarrick Badminton, Coaches 1999
Calvin Nicholas Sports Medicine 1999
Richard Osmer Athletic Directors 1999
Carl Varone Track & Field, Basketball, Baseball 1999
David Weiss Journalism & Media 1999
Tom Black Football 2000
Joe DeLucca Baseball 2000
Joe Gardi Football, Coaches 2000
D.J. Goldstein Football 2000
Howie Heckman Baseball, Basketball Soccer, Softball 2000
Bill Ketchan Baseball 2000
Barry Landers Journalism & Media 2000
John Montgomery Ward Baseball, Historic Recognition 2000
Diane Nelson Horse Racing 2000
Dennis Oehler Track & Field 2000
Dick Simmons Track & Field, Coaches 2000
Gerry Smith Baseball 2000
George Waldbauer Community Sports 2000
Wesley Walker Football 2000
Rob Burnett Football 2001
Gordon Forbes Journalism & Media 2001
Michael Hebron Golf 2001
Ed Hubbard Community Sports, Wrestling 2001
Marty Lyons Football 2001
Thomas J. McAteer Community Sports 2001
George O'Leary Coach, Football 2001
Wayne Shierant Coaches, Football 2001
Doug Wells Baseball 2001
Sara Whalen Soccer 2001
Bob Ambrosini Baseball 2002
Belmont Family Horse Racing, Historic Recognition 2002
Craig Biggio Baseball 2002
Sal Butera Baseball 2002
Mickey Crowley Basketball 2002
Tom Dietz Track & Field 2002
Marion Hollins Golf, Historic Recognition 2002
Alan Mayer Soccer 2002
Art Snelders Athletic Directors 2002
Theresa Tiso Volleyball 2002
Frank Bolton Baseball 2003
Tom Cassese Football 2003
Fred Fusaro Coaching, Football 2003
Carl Johnson Basketball, Coaching 2003
Gloria Kruckel Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball, Track & Field 2003
Jack Lang Journalism 2003
Kerry McCoy Wrestling 2003
Pete Cheviot Football 2004
Jack Mahoney Wrestling 2004
Steve Park Auto Racing 2004
David Russell Basketball 2004
Rick Schmidt Baseball 2004
Bill Shelley Track & Field 2004
Frank Tepedino Baseball 2004
Bob Wenzel Basketball, Coaches 2004
Gerry Cooney Boxing 2005
John Davide Baseball 2005
John Habyan Baseball 2005
Mike James Basketball 2005
Jamie LaBelle Football 2005
Rich Wrase Basketball 2005
Wayne Anderson Auto Racing 2006
Harry Bjerke Gymnastics, Officials 2006
Tony Cerullo Football 2006
Bob Chipman Baseball 2006
Nick DeCillis Athletic Directors 2006
Tony Gamboli Coaches, Golf 2006
Kim Gwydir Softball 2006
Kevin White Athletic Directors 2006
Jack Agostino Basketball 2007
Joe Buzzetta Auto Racing 2007
Justin Davies Baseball 2007
Warren Fuller Basketball, Coaches 2007
Christine Gentile Track & Field 2007
Ed McGrath Martial Arts 2007
Sal Mignano Baseball 2007
Jim Plate Basketball 2007
Catherine Vayianos Coaches, Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball 2007
Keri Bettenhauser-Pratt Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball 2008
Alicia Conquest-Bulgin Basketball 2008
Phyllis Deveney Basketball 2008
Al Ellis Soccer 2008
Judy Kopelman Field Hockey 2008
Keith Osik Baseball 2008
Jon Reese Lacrosse 2008
Kenny Schroy Football 2008
Jerry Brown Baseball 2009
Kevin Cassese Lacrosse 2009
Rich Castellano Basketball 2009
Melvin Fowler, Jr. Football 2009
Patricia Habers Officials 2009
Pete Harnisch Baseball 2009
Joe Maniaci Basketball 2009
John Nitti Football 2009
Bill Batewell Baseball 2010
Will Brown Basketball 2010
Buzz Deschamps Hockey 2010
Nick Garone Wrestling 2010
Howard A. Thomas Coaches, Football 2010
Jim McGowan Softball 2010
Joe Patrovich Football, Wrestling 2010
Jeff Schaefer Baseball 2010
Eric Brown Baseball 2011
Don Buckley Athletic Directors 2011
Frank Catalanotto Baseball 2011
Cathy Gallagher Athletic Directors 2011
Jesse Jantzen Wrestling 2011
Jim Mecir Baseball 2011
Jeff Reh Lacrosse 2011
Scott Reh Lacrosse 2011
Barbara Williams Hockey 2011
Richard Berg Basketball 2012
Mike Canobbio Baseball 2012
Anthony Famiglietti Track & Field 2012
Matt Farrago Boxing 2012
Chris Ferraro Hockey 2012
Peter Ferraro Hockey 2012
Joe Russo Wrestling 2012
Gregg Sarra Journalism 2012
Paul Brodmerkel Wrestling 2013
Nicole Kaczmarski Basketball 2013
John Klein Football 2013
Jim Mahoney Basketball 2013
John Papanek Journalism & Media 2013
John Tice Football 2013
Mike Tice Coaches, Football 2013
Risa Zander Basketball, Coaches 2013
Steve Borbet Track & Field 2014
Fred Cambria Baseball 2014
Ed Cinelli Athletic Directors, Football 2014
Scott Craig Lacrosse 2014
Bill Edwards Softball 2014
James Metzger Lacrosse 2014
Tom Sabatelle Athletic Directors 2014
Nick Schroeder Basketball, Baseball, Football 2014
Doug Shanahan Lacrosse 2014
Gary Brown Football 2015
Howard Cooley Bowling 2015
Ken Friedheim Gymnastics 2015
Rob Grable Baseball 2015
John Gregorek Track & Field 2015
Bob Herzog Journalism & Media 2015
Richard Mercurio Lacrosse 2015
Rob Pannell Lacrosse 2015
Carol Rose Larosse 2015
Walter Williams Athletic Director 2015
Jill Byers Lacrosse 2016
Rich Cimini Journalism & Media 2016
Tom Combs Athletic Directors, Football 2016
Chuck Downey Football 2016
Laura Gentile Journalism & Media 2016
Gene Heeter Football 2016
Maria Michta-Coffey Track & Field 2016
Isaac Ramaswamy Wrestling 2016
Frank Romeo Basketball, Coaches 2016
Pete Blieberg Athletic Directors, Football 2017
Karen Dromerhauser-Velardo Softball 2017
Linda Nicosia-Detlefsen Track & Field 2017
John Pacella Baseball 2017
Ray Searage Baseball 2017
Mark Semioli Soccer 2017
Brent Ziegler Football 2017
Stephen Bowen Football 2018
Robert Burkely Track & Field 2018
Joseph Dooley Football, Officials 2018
Cheryl Klein-Obelar Track & Field 2018
Edward J. Morris HOF Committee 2018
Matt Ryan Handball 2018
Harry Schneider Track & Field 2018
Shannon Smith Lacrosse 2018
Clement Stancik Tennis 2018
Hans Wiederkehr Football 2018
Scott Beigel Coaches, Track & Field, Special Recognition 2019
Gary Bettman Hockey 2019
Bob Costas Journalism & Media 2019
Aaron Feis Special Recognition 2019
Jerry Figgiani Martial Arts 2019
Bria Hartley Basketball 2019
Sam Kornhauser Coaches, Football 2019
William Kropp Coaches, Volleyball 2019
Gug Leggio Coaches, Wrestling 2019
New York Cuban Giants Baseball, Historic Recognition 2019
Ward Melville Boys Lacrosse Lacrosse, Special Recognition 2019
Louis J. Acompora Lacrosse, Special Recognition 2020
Sal Agostinelli Baseball 2020
Kim Barnes Arico Basketball 2020
Kenny Atkinson Basketball 2020
Rick Cole Jr. Athletic Directors 2020
Thomas Cutinella Football 2020
Matthew DiStefano Coaches, Special Recognition 2020
Ron Eden Coaches 2020
Mark Herrmann Journalism 2020
Larry Izzo Basketball, Baseball 2020
Paul Koretzki Track & Field 2020
Allie Long Soccer 2020
Rich Reichert Coaches 2020
Raymond Reid Coaches 2020
Kevin Riccio Football 2020
Andy Slawson Journalism & Media 2020
Joe Spallina Coaches 2020
Bob Syzmanski Track & Field 2020
Dr. H. Jean Berger, Ruth Gracey, Jeannette Rogers and Annamae McKeever-Kress Pioneering Women, Special Recognition 2020
Henry Chadwick (writer) Baseball, Historic Recognition 2020
Karen Ferguson-Dayes Soccer, Coaches 2021
Jason Fraser Basketball, Coaches 2021
Randy Givens Olympics, Track & Field 2021
Tony Guido Lacrosse 2021
Val James Hockey 2021
Rohan Murphy Wrestling 2021
John Paci Football 2021
Joe Reilly Coaches 2021
Don Webster Athletic Directors 2021


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